Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Doomed New Year!!!

Thanks to the followers and friends for your continuous support, and thanks to every doomster who visited this gloomy place of melancholy and despondency. You have done in a few months this Blog one of the best!!!... See you in 2009!
Doomed New Year for all!!!
Dark greetings,

The Best 10 albums of 2008

Doomsters poll results
The poll has been closed a few minuntes ago. These are the results of their votes till date.
The 10 best Doom albums are:
1st : Esoteric -The Maniacal Vale (91 Votes)
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2nd : Skepticism - Alloy (72 Votes)
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2nd : Doom : VS - Dead Words Speak (72 Votes)
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4th : Swallow the Sun - Plague of Butterfly (66 Votes)
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5th : Mourning Beloveth - A Disease for the Ages (60 Votes)
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6th : Remembrance - Silencing the Moments (47 Votes)
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7th : Virgin Black - Requiem Fortissimo (46 Votes)
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8th : Isole - Bliss of Solitude (42 Votes)
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9th : Ataraxie - Anhedonie (41 Votes)
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10th : Funeral - As the Light does the Shadow (40 Votes)
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This is my list of my favorite albums of the year.
Doomstermaniac's ten favorites albums :
1st : Skepticism - Alloy
2nd : Esoteric - The Maniacal Vale
3rd : Faal - Abhorrence/Salvation
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4th : The Slow Death - The Slow Death
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5th : Remembrance - Silencing the Moments
6th : Ankhagram - Under Ruins
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7th : Mourning Beloveth - A Disease for the Ages
8th : Virgin Black - Requiem Fortissimo
9th: Isole - Bliss of Solitude
10th : Ataraxie - Anhedonie
Revelations of the year :
1st : Samothrace - Life's Trade
2nd : Jex Thoth - Jex Thoth
3rd : The Wounded Kings - Embraced of the Narrow House
The disappointments of the year :
1st Pantheist - Journey Trough Lands Unknown
2nd : Forest of Shadows - Six Waves of Woe
3rd : Funeral - As the Light does the Shadow

Mist of the Maelstrom - Death Of The Sun (2006)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Doom
Country : United States

Magnificent first album of this funereal band. Their style is ultra slow Funeral Doom with monumental atmospheres, desolate bells, keyboards, folk influences, acoustic passages, distorted guitars, deep grunts, and solemn clean vocals. The melodies are perfect!

A perfect album for these winter days. The sun is dead! This album is very hard to find, one of the most difficult to obtain.
Enjoy this masterpiece!

Recommended for fans of Skepticism, Mournful Congregation, Esoteric, Solicide, Funeral Moth, The Ethereal, Toward Darkness, and more...

Thanks to "iiiiiii" for this great contribution!!!

1.Ten Thousand Eyes 02:22
2...And Their Stony Gaze 08:51
3.Death of the Sun 10:46
4.Fire and Shining Gold 04:59
5.Eternal Twilight 05:54
6.In Memory of Thunder 08:31
7.God of Gold Light 12:48
8.Luna 05:17
9.The Silver Sun 11:03
10.Dawn of Gold 01:17

Total playing time 01:11:48

Anthemon - Dystopia (2004)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : France

Second album of the band and first with only male vocals. Their style is Doom Death with melodic riffs, melancholic atmosphere, keyboards, magnificent melodies, deep grunts and excellent clean vocals. Highly recommended!

1.Above Us 05:18
2.Foretell Omega 07:30
3.Chatter of the Tube 06:02
4.Recall the Absence 06:46
5.Tuned to a Dead Channel 04:13
6.La Chute de l'Architecte 06:14
7.Manifold Of ... 05:00
8.Serene Eves 07:45

Total playing time 48:50

Anthemon - Kadavreski (2005)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : France

This is the third and last album of the band. In this album they continue in the same vein of the second album, with clean vocals, some deep grunts, intricate riffs, progressive passages, keyboards and elaborate melodies.

1.Kadavreski 23:02
2.Print of the Sand Glass 09:02
3.All Is Cyclical 06:53
4.Weight of the Feather 05:22

Total playing time 44:20

Mar de Grises - The Tatterdemalion Express (2004)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Chile

This is the first album of the most successful Chilean band. Their style is Doom Death with melodic riffs, progressive passages, acoustic interludes, and keyboards. It's a very intense Doom Death. Highly recommended!

1.El Otro 11:42
2.To See Saturn Fall 08:08
3.Storm 10:47
4.Recklessness 05:43
5.Self Portrait No.1 04:27
6.Be Welcome Oh Hideous Hell 08:04
7.Onírica 07:13

Total playing time 56:04

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Whitehorse - Whitehorse (2007)

Genre : Extreme Sludge Doom
Country : Australia

Whitehorse is an Australian band and this is their first full-length. Their style is Sludge Doom, but they shift effortlessly from Sludge to Black, to Funeral to Noise and Drone. Amazing the diverse sounds of this band, simply crushing Doom.

The guitars are distorted, dirty, and heavy, with slow tempos and fast passages. The vocals are screaming full of despair, accompanied by low grunts. This album is one of the most crushing Doom works; really highly recommended for all extreme doomster!!!

Disc 1

1.Fire to Light the Way 06:43
2.Everything Ablaze 09:57
3.The Unwelcome Return 22:11

Playing time 38:51

Disc 2

1.West of the Sun (live) 23:37
2.Oceans Turn to Black 20:41
Playing time 44:18

Total playing time 01:23:09

Download Disc 1

Download Disc 2

Bosque / Senthil - Under the Capricorn Sky / Premeditation (Split 2006)

This Split contains 5 Funeral Doom tracks.


Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Portugal

Bosque plays raw Funeral Doom with slow melodies, some melodic riffs, keyboards, screaming vocals, and whispering voices.

1.Under The Capricorn Sky - Part I 07:22
2.Under The Capricorn Sky - Part II 12:48
3.Under The Capricorn Sky - Part III 07:50


Genre : Funeral Black Doom
Country : United States

Senthil plays Funeral Black Doom, with dense atmosphere, obscure melodies, distorted riffs, psychotic screams, and growls. This band is very sick, sinister and torturous.

4.Premeditation - Part I 16:22
5.Premeditation - Part II 16:03

Total playing time 01:00:25

Bosque - Dead Nature (Demo 2005)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Portugal

First Demo of this band. It's primitive Funeral Doom with slow tempo, raw riffs, melodic passages, and some whispering vocals.

1.Dead Nature 10:48
2.Cold January 10:53
3.The Winter Fall 09:41

Total playing time 31:22

HellLight - In Memory of the Old Spirits (2005)

Genre : Funeral Doom/Melodic Doom
Country : Brazil

This is the debut album of the band. Funeral work with Melodic Doom influences, melancholic melodies, solemn keyboards, melodic guitars, raw sound, deep grunts and clean vocals.
Really very interesting! Highly recommended!

1.Life in Darkness 10:44
2.Afterlife 08:09
3.Fear no Evil 08:55
4.Alone 05:58
5.The Lord of Shadows 12:06
6.The Fall of the Morning Star 11:29
7.Winter's Theatre 10:17
8.In Memory of the Old Spirits 12:14

Total playing time 01:19:52

HellLight - Funeral Doom (2008)

Genre : Funeral Doom/Melodic Doom
Country : Brazil

Second album of this interesting band. It's Funeral Doom with melodic riffs, keyboards, slow melodies, mid tempos, clean sound, deep grunts and harmonious clean vocals. Recommended!
Tracks 5, 6 and 7 are re-recorded versions from their first album "In The Memory Of Old Spirits"

1.Deep siderial silence 18:14
2.Funeral Doom 15:23
3.Nexus Alma 12:16
4.The Diary (Instrumental) 04:01
5.Life in darkness 11:47
6.Afterlife 07:55
7.In memory of the old spirits 10:07

Total playing time 01:19:43

Apathy - A Silent Nowhere (2008)

Genre : Progressive Death Doom
Country : Sweden

This is the first album of the Swedish band. Their style is Progressive Death with Doom influences. The melodies are very close to Opeth's sound. The riffs are fast with slow interludes, and acoustic passages. The vocals are aggressive grunts, and some clean voices. This album is very well performed with intricate movements, and magnificent melodies. Recommended!

For fans of Opeth, Katatonia, October Tide, Aphotic, Daylight Dies, Dark Suns, and more.

1.The Mist And The Ocean 06:30
2.Bitter Roots 04:42
3.To End The Misery 05:26
4.Come Sweet Death 00:37
5.Into The Pale 08:54
6.The Man Who Swallowed The Sun 04:42
7.One With The Shadows 06:46
8.Slumber 03:41
9.Constance Willow 10:26

Total playing time 51:44

Apathy - Cold Endless Winter (Demo 2006)

Genre : Progressive Doom Death
Country : Sweden

This Demo contains 3 unreleased tracks in the same vein of the new album "A Silent Nowhere". Recommended!
1.Cold Endless Winter 03:36
2.The Ghost of Me 04:34
3.Black Day 03:52

Total playing time 12:04

Dictator - Fog of Death (EP 2005)

Genre : Dark Ambient Funeral
Country : Cyprus

In this first work have been mixed diverse styles as Dark Ambient, and Noise with Funeral essence. The atmosphere is suffocating, tenebrous, torturous, obscure and sinister.
This EP is recommended for fans of Nortt, Until Death Overtakes Me, Winter of Vehemence, etc.

1.Nightmare I - Overture of Flesh 01:13
2.Nightmare II - Denial of Flesh 06:20
3.Contemplation VII - Demanifestation of the Flesh 07:28
4.Nightmare III - Dissolution of Flesh 07:23

Total playing time 22:05

Monday, December 29, 2008

Dictator - The Pain Sessions (Demo 2006)

Genre : Ambient Funeral Doom
Country : Cyprus

This Demo is total darkness, misery, and anguish, with ultra slow riffs, distressing keyboards, dense atmosphere, cavernous growls and gloomy choir. It's a minimalist work in the most funereal essence. Highly recommended!

1.I Chorodia ton Daimonon (Intro) 04:56
2.The Procession of the Black Fog 11:18
3.Emptiness 10:22
4.Apo tis Eikones ton Archaion Necron (Outro) 04:43

Total playing time 31:20

Anthemon - Arcanes (2003)

Genre : Symphonic Gothic Doom Death
(Male and female vocals)
Country : France

This is the first full-length of the band, that includes 2 members from Monolithe. Their style is awesome, with symphonic arrangements, keyboards, melodic riffs, acoustic passages, beautiful melodies, and tons of melancholy. The vocals are very well performed with Soprano, deep grunts, and clean vocals.
Highly recommended!

For fans of Penumbra, Ad Vitam Aeternam, and more.

1.Anthemon Anthem (Introduction) 01:38
2.No Rest No Peace 05:23
3.Semen 06:53
4.Keep Dying 06:14
5.Another I 06:33
6.Parody of Man 05:48
7.Forgotten (Interlude Instrumentale) 02:44
8.Reed 07:03
9.Meaningless 04:24
10.Never Born Forever Dead 06:12
11.Arcanes 07:29

Total playing time 58:39

Ankhagram - When the Shadows Die (EP 2006)

Genre : Dark Gothic Doom Death
Country : Russia

This EP contains rare material and version songs, with orchestral elements, acoustic moments, keyboards and guttural vocals.

1.When The Shadows Die 07:05
2.When The Shadows Die [Orchestra] 07:10
3.Fall 04:23
4.Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode cover) 03:35

Total playing time 22:13

Ankhagram - ReANKHarnation (2006)

Genre : Dark Gothic Doom Death
Country : Russia

This is the first album of the band, in the beginning their style was Doom Death mixed with Dark and Gothic Metal influences. The atmosphere is dense with some classical arrangements, keyboards and acoustic passages. The vocals are harsh guttural and semi-screaming . It's an interesting album although very different to their last works. Recommended!

1.We’re Lost In Shadows Of Night 04:27
2.One Day 04:20
3.Dancing In The Midnight Sun 03:21
4.When The Shadows Die 07:07
5.Don’t Let Me Go Away 04:42
6.Empty Life 05:31
7.Forget 03:42
8.Dark Autumn Night 04:12
9.Empty Life [rare demo] 02:45

Total playing time 40:07

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ankhagram - Neverending Sorrow (2007)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Russia

This is the second album of the band. Magnificent Funeral Doom in the vein of "Shape of Despair", with melancholic melodies, slow tempos, painful keyboards, classical arrangements, and deep grunts. This album is an excellent work of sorrowful Funeral Doom.
Highly recommended!!!
1.To My God 09:13
2.No Fate 10:00
3.ß Óìèðàþ 12:42
4...From My Died Heart... 07:16
5.Last Shout Of A Dying Swan 13:25
6...End Of Everything... 04:24

Total playing time 57:00

Ankhagram - Under Ruins (2008)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Russia

Last full-length of this amazing band, incredibly it's the project of only one man. Their style is Funeral Doom with magnificent melodies full of sorrow, mournfulness, melancholy and darkness. The atmosphere is very well worked with sad keyboards. The vocals are deep grunts, accompanied by painful choirs. Their sound, choirs and slow march remembered me "Shape of Despair" and "Remembrance"; also perhaps anything of "Pantheist" and "Skepticism"on keyboards.

My favorite track is "In Misery", the harmonies are so beautiful and so dark. The melancholy is too heartbreaking. The desolation is infinite, and the suffering is eternal... The pain runs deep!

Ankhagram must be the best Russian band, and this album is one of the best releases of the year! Highly recommended!!!

Thanks for this magnificent contribution to Aljazek!

1.Intro 03:44
2.Quiet and Gone 07:30
3.Oblivion 06:51
4.Under Ruins (Part I) 12:36
5.In Misery 10:11
6.Under Ruins (Part II) 12:11
7.Outro (Bonus) 08:19

Total playing time 01:01:22

Reino Ermitaño - Reino Ermitaño (2003)

Genre : Doom Metal/Stoner Rock
Country : Peru

This is the first album of the band. In this work they mix Stoner Doom with 70's Rock elements, acoustic passages and Folk influences. The guitars are melodic and heavy, with intricate riffs. Recommended!

1.El Ensoñador 03:41
2.Las Hadas 06:16
3.Espacio Interior 01:55
4.Letargo 04:56
5.Birro, El Morbido (cover de Mazo) 05:08
6.Bardo 01:28
7.Fortaleza 05:27
8.Profundidad de las Sombras 04:56
9.Celda del Dolor 05:09
10.La Danza de las Brujas 03:50
11.Melquiades 06:15
12.La Mariposa 05:08
13.La Danza de las Brujas II 01:58

Total playing time 56:06

Reino Ermitaño - Brujas Del Mar (2006)

Genre : Stoner Doom
Country : Peru

Second album of this Peruvian band. Stoner Doom in the vein of early Doom Metal. They use acoustic passages, folk instruments, female vocals and spanish lyrics.

1.Intro: La Corte 02:26
2.Curandero De Una Realidad Incierta 04:04
3.Vorágine 04:46
4.Elipses 06:55
5.Alajpacha 02:39
6.Crepuscular 06:44
7.El Fauno 06:14
8.Hoy, La Tarde 06:07
9.Oráculo 01:42
10.Rosas Del Revés 04:15
11.Oceánia 07:12
12.Magdalena Del Mar 05:57

Total playing time 59:06

Reino Ermitaño - Rituales Interiores (2008)

Genre : Stoner Doom
Country : Peru

This is the third album of the band. Stoner Doom with melodic riffs, 70's Rock influences, and female vocals.

1.El Despertar 05:58
2.Oro Negro 04:25
3.El Sol Tras la Niebla 08:28
4.Cabeza de Culebra 05:19
5.Escudo y Cruz 06:50
6.La Daga 06:27
7.Hacia la Nada 02:15
8.Desencarnado 07:18
9.Samaritano 01:01
10.El Ermitaño 02:45

Total playing time 51:03

Hyponic - Black Sun (2001)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : China (Hong Kong)

First album of this interesting band. In this work they mix Brutal Death with Doom passages; using crushing riffs, dark melodies and cavernous grunts. The Doom passages are very well worked creating a suffocating atmosphere, depressive and gloomy. This debut album is highly recommended for extreme Death Doom fans!
It's very difficult to find!!!

For fans of Disembowelment, early Morgion, Indesinence, Runemagick, Beyond Belief, and more...
Thanks to "iiiiiii" for this great contribution!
1.Labyrinth Of Ignorance 03:20
2.A False Legend 04:19
3.The Last Divine 05:17
4.Third 07:26
5.Vile 02:37
6.Black Sun 10:53

Total playing time 33:52

Lake of Depression - Lake of Depression (Demo 2005)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Doom Death
Country ; Panama

This is the first Demo of the band. The melodies are sinister and obscure, accompanied by desolate atmosphere, distressed keyboards, acoustic passages, and cavernous grunts.

1.Intro: Black Dawning 05:31
2.Spawn of the Obscure 09:18
3.Lake of Depression 09:58
4.Outro: Longing for Dusk 04:50

Total playing time 29:37

Foetor - Fungi From Yuggoth (EP 2001)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : United States

This is the only Foetor's work. Their style is slow Funeral Doom with melodic riffs, and deep grunts. The lyrics are based on Lovecraftian literature. Regarded by some as a Thergothon tribute band.

1.Azathoth 09:37
2.Nyarlathotep (The Crawling Chaos) 06:14

Total playing time 15:51

Friday, December 26, 2008

Kauan - Lumikuuro (2007)

Genre : Melancholic Doom Black Folk
Country : Russia

Amazing debut album of the band. Kauan has incorporated different styles as Doom, Black, Dark and Folk with atmospheric passages and majestic melodies, full of melancholy, depression, beauty, and darkness. The keyboards have classical arrangements with mournful sound. The vocals are Black and clean, accompanied by some choirs. The album has been based on the written in Finnish language. This album is a masterpiece, and the second track is perfect.
Highly recommended!!!

For fans of the melancholic stuff, also fans of Agalloch, Empyrium and Rakoth.

1.Alku 02:08
2.Aamu Ja Kaste 07:01
3.Lumikuuro 07:28
4.Savu 04:11
5.Koivun Elämä 06:27
6.Syleilyn Sumu 05:14
7.Villiruusu 05:17
8.Syleilyn Sumu (Akkustika) 05:11

Total playing time 42:57

Simbelin - The Purity of Death (Demo 2006)

Genre : Funeral Doom (Instrumental)
Country : Russia

This is the only work of the band. It's instrumental Funeral Doom with melancholic melodies, slow tempos, melodic riffs, and classical keyboards. Recently the band was renamed to "Aes Liquor". Really interesting Funeral Doom!

1.Infinite Sentiment 04:59
2.The Purity 08:30
3.Frozen Hope 02:34

Total playing time 16:03

Arcanar - Pylnyi Vladyka (The Dusty Sovereign) 2006

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Russia

First album of this interesting band. Their style is Doom Death with melodic and intricate riffs, acoustic passages, keyboards with classical arrangements, heavy guitars, dense atmosphere and powerful grunts. All lyrics are in Russian. Recommended!

1. Intro 01:47
2. Ten Samogo Sebya (The Shadow of Oneself) 05:41
3. Bez Peremen (Without Changes) 05:15
4. Etude #1 02:53
5. Pylnyi Vladyka (The Dusty Sovereign) 05:23
6. Ya Mog Byt Drugim (I Could be Different) 06:04
7. Etude #2 02:09
8. Bessonitsa (Insomnia) 06:42
9. Arcanar 06:21

Total playing time 42:15

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blood of the Black Owl - Blood of the Black Owl (2006)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Black Doom
Country : United States

First album of the band. It's Funeral Doom with Black influences and ambient passages. This album contains slow crushing melodies with raw and obscures riffs. Also dark atmospheric passages with tribal sounds... This album is monotonous Funeral Doom in their rotten and wretched essence. Recommended!

1.Kills in Timber 10:07
2.The Thunderous Hooves of Two Goats in the Sky 09:16
3.Drinking the Blood of a Lion 13:30
4.Like a Coffin Chasing a Womb, His Chariot Becomes a Southern Bloodstorm 08:47
5.Uwwalo 08:45
6.Hammer Comes Crashing Down 06:54
7.A Coven of Vultures 13:01

Total playing time 01:10:20

Blood of the Black Owl - A Feral Spirit (2008)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Black Doom
Country : United States

This is the second album of the band. Their style in this album is crushing Funeral Doom ,with some Black influences and ambient elements. It's a very interesting album with raw and heavy guitars, organ, acoustic passages, tribal sounds and dark melodies.
Highly recommended!

1.Crippling of Age 05:38
2.He Who Walked Away From the Fire & Laughed As He Bled 06:40
3.Void 09:33
4.The Melancholy Article 05:50
5.Unattainable Vistas of Our Remembrances 07:34
6.Forest of Decrepitude 09:23
7.Inter-Weaving the Beyond 08:50
8.Journey of the Plague Year 10:10
Total playing time 01:03:38

Endymion - Apocrypha (Demo 1999)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : United States

This Demo is ultra slow Funeral Doom with monotonous riffs, dense atmosphere, and deep grunts. The melodies are desolation, emptiness, solitude and misery. This is the last work of the band and difficult to find. Recommended!!!

1.The Aegis Of Apollo 06:43
2.Child Of The Eclipse 05:58
3.The Day Of Doom Is Upon Us 07:17
4.Drawing Down The Moon 06:56
5.Ever After 05:26
6.Somnus 06:58

Total playing time 39:18

Source of Deep Shadows - Ukryty... (Demo 2004)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death
Country : Poland

First Demo of this interesting band. It's Funeral Doom Death with melodic riffs and darkened atmosphere. Recommended!

1.Intro 02:07
2.Zapomniane Wspomnienia 04:33
3.Ukryty 04:00
4.Outro 01:01

Total playing time 11:41

Source of Deep Shadows - Source of Doom and Perpetual Night (2007)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death
Country : Poland

This is the first full-length of the band. They play Funeral Doom Death, mixing slow tempos with fast passages. The atmosphere is dense and obscure. The riffs are melodic and heavy, with acoustic moments. The vocals are cavernous grunts and whisper voices. Recommended!

1.Intro (Let There Be Doom) 01:09
2.Powolne Zatracenie 06:40
3.Poranek 02:04
4.Zrodlo Gікbokich Cieni 08:19
5.Marnosc (Armia cover) 07:31
6.Martwa 08:31
7.Hidden Doom 06:09
8.Eternal (Paradise Lost cover) 03:38

Total playing time 44:00

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Celestiial / Blood of the Black Owl (Split 2008)

This Split contains 2 great Funeral tracks full of bleakness, darkness and pain. Both tracks are exclusive to this release.
Highly recommended!


Genre : Ambient Funeral Doom
Country : United States

1.White Depths Dove the Red-Eyed 16:54

Blood of the Black Owl

Genre : Ambient Funeral Black Doom
Country : United States

2.Contemplating the Death of an Old Friend 17:05

Total playing time 33:59

Process of Guilt - Portraits Of Regret (Demo 2002)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Portugal

First Demo of the band. Interesting debut with crushing melodies, mid tempo, distorted grunts and melancholic clean vocals. Recommended!

1.Intro/Dark Patterns 09:39
2.Faded Pictures 07:17
3.Settled Down 04:22
4.Dream Rise 06:43
5.Departure 02:28

Total playing time 30:32

Process of Guilt - Demising Grace (Demo 2004)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Portugal

Second Demo of this magnificent band. It's Doom Death in the best performance. This Demo contains one of the best songs of the band, "Monument". Really perfect Doom Death, with melancholy, anguish and anger. Highly recommended!!!

1.Drops 01:50
2.Wasteland 06:53
3.This Process... 08:15
4.Instant 00:15
5.Fragments 07:40
6.Monument 08:58

Total playing time 33:51

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ad Vitam Aeternam - Abstract Senses (2004)

Genre : Melodic Gothic Doom
(Male and female vocals)
Country : France

This is the only album of the band to date. This release includes members from Mourning Dawn and Anthemon. Their style is Doom with Gothic influences, melodic riffs, painful keyboards, sad violin, melancholic melodies, acoustic passages, and symphonic arrangements. The vocals are very well performed, includes Soprano, female voices, and grunts. The third track "Dementia" contains the most mournful female singing, is very emotional!
Highly recommended!
1.Bitterness 06:08
2.Picture Of Dorian Gray 05:43
3.Dementia 05:42
4.Phoney Icosn 05:50
5.In The Throes Of Apocalypse 04:55
6.Les Meandres De L'ame 05:41
7.Abstract Senses 06:17
8.The Grievous Musician 06:01

Total playing time 46:17

The Mist and the Morning Dew - The Mist... (EP 2005)

Genre : Melodic Doom/Pagan Metal
Country : Finland

This band is formed by members from Shape of Despair, Fallen, Rapture, Fintroll and Unholy. Their style is Melodic Doom with some Pagan influences, and female vocals (Veera Muhli ex-Unholy). Interesting work for fans of melodic stuff!

1.Dusk 07:30
2.Come, to think of it 05:57
3.Child of April's sun 06:58
4.Repentance 06:21
5.Tuoni Vie 05:48

Total playing time 32:34

Monday, December 22, 2008

Fumerealian - Fumerealian (2007)

Genre : Ambient Funeral Drone Doom
Country : United States

First album of this noisy band. Their style is Funeral Drone with extreme noise, ultra dense atmosphere, slow crushing riffs, and cavernous low growls. It's thunderous material for extreme Doomsters!

1.Auralin 03:53
2.Sunken 11:28
3.Fumerealian 17:02
4.Riding The Calamity 8:30

Total playing time 40:53

Place of Skulls - Nailed (2002)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : United States

This is the first album of the band formed by Victor Griffin, ex-Pentagram member. The melodies are slow, dense and crushing with classic sound. The guitars are heavy and melodic, creating amazing melodies with intricate riffs. The vocals are very well performed in diverse clean styles. This album is highly recommended!

1.The Fall 04:38
2.Never Die 04:30
3.Dead 05:19
4.Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 04:40
5.Feeling Of Dread... 02:32
6.... 02:20
7.Love She Gave 05:13
8.Return 04:34
9.Song Of Solomon 05:32

Total playing time 39:09

Mourn - Mourn (1995)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : England

This is the only full-length of the band. Doom Metal in their classic way, with Heavy riffs, great melodies, and clean vocals in similar vein to Solstice. Recommended!

1.Awakening 06:03
2.Iron Sky 05:50
3.Children of the Circle 04:39
4.Drowning 05:39
5.Through These Eyes 04:41
6.Dreamless Sleep 05:08
7.After All 05:47
8.Forever More 06:46

Total playing time 44:41

Ixion - Through the Space We Die (Demo 2007)

Genre : Atmospheric Doom Death/Funeral Doom
Country : France

This is other great band from France, the country of absolute melancholy! They play Doom Death with dense atmosphere and some classical arrangements. The keyboards are very well worked creating beautiful and dark melodies. The vocals are deep grunts and melancholic clean vocals. It's a work full of melancholy, pain and suffering. In the 3 first tracks the atmosphere and tempo are practically Funeral Doom. Highly recommended!

1.Still Conscious 02:50
2.The Seeds of Misery 07:36
3.Cold Stars 05:46
4.Eternal Dreams 04:34
5.Closer Now 05:08
6.A Call for the End 04:44

Total playing time 30:47

Maleficium - This Illusion Of Humanity (1995)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
(Male and female vocals)
Country : Netherlands

This is the only album of this interesting band. Their style is Doom Death with melodic riffs, intricate passages, keyboards and dense atmosphere. The vocals are powerful grunts, screaming growls, and beautiful female voice. This album is an amazing work release in 1995, with great performance! Highly recommended!

1.Downfall 07:08
2.Questions of Existence 03:31
3.Uncovered Intension 05:15
4.Disillusion 06:49
5.The Family Games 05:15
6.Hydrogen 05:46
7.Irreversible Sollutions 08:49
8.Memorare 02:24

Total playing time 44:57

Fall of Empyrean - A Life Spent Dying (EP 2007)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : United States

This is the last work of the band until date, because their last album of the same title is not released yet. This is an advance of the becoming next album. Recommended!

01. Vast but Desolate
02. The Air Is Still
03. Blessed Aloof

Total playing time 19:47

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dysthymia - The Shivering Opus (2008)

Genre : Atmospheric Black Doom
Country : Iceland

Excellent first full-length of this band. Their style is crushing Doom with Black vocals, obscure atmosphere, and slow tempo mixed with fast passages. The guitars are melodic and heavy with amazing riffs. The keyboards create magnificent classical arrangements. The melodies are depression, sorrow, anguish, despair, pain and darkness. It's a great release in the Black Doom genre!
Highly recommended!!!

1.Intro 01:59
2.Mirthless 10:12
3.Rotten and Diminished 06:37
4.Kaustos 05:12
5.Given Up Hope 03:18
6.Upon Trembling Bones 07:15
7.xxxxxx 09:50
8.The Great Fall 06:26

Total playing time 50:49

Waverly Hills - The Nurse (2008)

Genre : Ambient Funeral Drone Doom
Country : France

This is the first album of the band. They play Ambient Funeral Doom with distorted riffs and ultra cavernous grunts. The atmosphere is dense and oppressive.

1.Intro 00:57
2.The White Plague 14:26
3.In The Hallways 09:36
4.Room 502 07:02
5.Under Quarantine 14:17
6.The Nurse 04:19

Total playing time 50:37

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ordog - I-II (Compilation of Demos 2006)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Finland

This compilation contains the first and second Demo. Funeral Doom with slow tempo, melodic riffs, atmospheric passages, cavernous grunts, and clean voices. The melodies are total darkness. Recommended!!!

1.Cholera 14:51
2.Black Lotus 10:28
3.Todten 00:54
4.Lignum Mors 11:10
5.Amidst the pillars of void 12:43
6.Within the dismal clouds 11:44

Total playing time 01:01:50

Ordog - III (Demo 2007)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Finland

This Demo is Funeral Doom in their best essence, with slow riffs, excellent melodies and cavernous grunts. Highly recommended!!!

1.Why you wanna hurt me? 11:44
2.Standing in front of the desolation 20:02

Total playing time 31:46

Morphia - Frozen Dust (2002)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Netherlands

Second album of this excellent band. This is magnificent Doom Death with melodic riffs, keyboards and violin. The vocals are perfect, they use powerful grunts, screaming vocals, and melancholic clean voices. The melodies of this album are magnificent; really the best Morphia's release. Highly recommended!

1.Flashback 03:39
2.The Sun 05:24
3.The Forest 04:27
4.Wicklow Mountains 05:49
5.Frozen Dust 06:42
6.When Silence Fell 05:14
7.Again 04:52
8.Long Lost 04:48
9.Forced To Obey 04:40
10.Emptiness 07:15

Total playing time 53:09

Morphia - Fading Beauty (2005)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Netherlands

Third and last album of this band. Melodic Doom Death with grunts and clean vocals. The melodies are accompanied by keyboards and classical arrangements. The actual status of the band is split-up.

1.Meaning Of Forever I 06:02
2.Of Stars And Flowers 05:19
3.Meaning Of Forever II 05:21
4.Fading Beauty 10:04
5.Nothing More To See 06:34
6.Memories Never Die 06:11
7.What Once Was 04:49
8.Sound Of Violence 06:05
9.Meaning Of Forever III 04:26
10.Serenity 06:17

Total playing time 01:01:08

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Extinct Dreams - Ars Moriendi (2008)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death
Country : Russia

This is the first album of the band. They play Funeral Doom with deep grunts, obscure atmosphere, and slow tempo. The melodies are darkness and desolation. The riffs are slow mixed with some fast passages. Interesting debut album of this band!

1.Death Inside 11:22
2.Shadows of Light 11:13
3.Embrace of Chaos 08:35
4.The Treatise about Marihuana 13:25
5.Ars Moriendi 14:00

Total playing time 58:35