Friday, October 31, 2008

Mourning Beloveth (The Mountains Are Mine) / Imindain (Black Water) - Videos

Genre : Doom Death
Country : Ireland

Mourning Beloveth "The Mountains Are Mine"
(Live Video)

Quality Video : Medium
Quality Audio : Good
Playing Time 08:52

Genre : Doom Death
Country : England

Imindain "Black Water"
(Video Clip)

Quality Video : High
Quality Audio : High

Playing Time 06:00

Total Playing Time Videos 14:52

Download Videos (Full Screen)
(Mourning Beloveth + Imindain)


Anonymous said...

hi man. i'm omid form iran. this is pantheist new album on megaupload. u can have it on ur weblog. my email is i can help u sometimes.

Unknown said... made my day!

Be DOOMed! :)

Doomstermaniac said...
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Doomstermaniac said...

Thanks Omid for your interest in my blog. I will bear in mind this interest!!!