Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blood of the Black Owl - A Feral Spirit (2008)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Black Doom
Country : United States

This is the second album of the band. Their style in this album is crushing Funeral Doom ,with some Black influences and ambient elements. It's a very interesting album with raw and heavy guitars, organ, acoustic passages, tribal sounds and dark melodies.
Highly recommended!

1.Crippling of Age 05:38
2.He Who Walked Away From the Fire & Laughed As He Bled 06:40
3.Void 09:33
4.The Melancholy Article 05:50
5.Unattainable Vistas of Our Remembrances 07:34
6.Forest of Decrepitude 09:23
7.Inter-Weaving the Beyond 08:50
8.Journey of the Plague Year 10:10
Total playing time 01:03:38

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A second album in the straight line of the first one.
BOTBO sounds like no other band. Perhaps you'll appreciate it, perhaps you'll hate it, but just give it a try !