Monday, December 29, 2008

Anthemon - Arcanes (2003)

Genre : Symphonic Gothic Doom Death
(Male and female vocals)
Country : France

This is the first full-length of the band, that includes 2 members from Monolithe. Their style is awesome, with symphonic arrangements, keyboards, melodic riffs, acoustic passages, beautiful melodies, and tons of melancholy. The vocals are very well performed with Soprano, deep grunts, and clean vocals.
Highly recommended!

For fans of Penumbra, Ad Vitam Aeternam, and more.

1.Anthemon Anthem (Introduction) 01:38
2.No Rest No Peace 05:23
3.Semen 06:53
4.Keep Dying 06:14
5.Another I 06:33
6.Parody of Man 05:48
7.Forgotten (Interlude Instrumentale) 02:44
8.Reed 07:03
9.Meaningless 04:24
10.Never Born Forever Dead 06:12
11.Arcanes 07:29

Total playing time 58:39

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maria de la luz garcia castillo said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm buenisima banda estoy leyendo tu blog