Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dolorian - Voidwards (2006)

Genre : Atmospheric Dark Doom
Country : Finland

The most atmospheric and instrumental work of the band, composed by very slow riffs, distant whispered vocals and obscure melodies. A depressive album for days of darkness.

1.Dual – Void – Trident 05:10
2.In the Locus of Bone 06:26
3.Co-il-lusion 01:24
4.Ivory Artery 08:53
5.The Flow of Seething Visions 09:40
6.The One Whose Name Has No End 10:31
7.The Absolute Halo Is Awakening 03:38
8.Epoch of Cyclosure 08:40
9.The Fire Which Burns Not 01:03
10.Raja Naga – Rising 10:26

Total playing time 01:05:56

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koituz said...

Totally brilliant. Not what I expected at all. 85% clean guitars and synths, when distortion is used it is to devastating effect! Get it!