Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pantheist - Journey through Lands Unknown' (2008)

Genre : Atmospheric Doom Death / Funeral Doom
Country : England

This is the new very awaited Pantheist album. Majestic compositions and atmospheric melodies, an evolved Doom Death with Funeral Doom passages, and some progressive elements. This is their most melodic album and a good work, although it will be necessary to listen it well; but always I will prefer their first album "O' Solitude".
Definitively I recommend this interesting album!

1.Deliverance 08:59
2.Unknown Land 07:43
3.Dum Spiro Despero 08:39
4.Haven 03:03
5.Oblivion 05:44
6.The Loss of Innocence 11:14
7.Eternal Sorrow 12:01
8.Mourning the Passing of Certainty 05:23

Total playing time 01:02:46


Carlos said...

¡Ah sí! Ya tengo ambos discos. El de Forest of Shadows aún tengo que oírlo mejor, pero pinta genial; en cambio el de Pantheist no me ha gustado, no parecen ellos y ese ambiente psicodélico no me gusta para el grupo que me enamoró por sus órganos y ambientes religiosos.

Ojo a Amederia, Gothic-Doom ruso de este año muy bueno, me están gustando.

Anonymous said...

hi man. i'm omid. i have [Funeral (As the Light does the Shadow)] but track 10 have problem. can u upload just this track for me? tanx in advance.

Doomstermaniac said...

Hello Omid!... I have the same problem in the track 10...I don't have the original recording...I'm sorry man :(