Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Faal - Abhorrence / Salvation (2008)

Genre : Funeral Black Doom
Country : Netherlands

Amazing first album of this band. Their style is Funeral Doom with ultra dense atmosphere, cavernous growls, ultra slow tempo mixed with some fast passages. The guitars are heavy with melodic riffs, and some Black riffs. The melodies are very well performed, accompanied by oppressive keyboards. Really one of the best releases of the year, magnificent fuck*** work. This album was released on October 30th. Highly recommended!!!

1.00.00 07:35
2.In my Final Hour of Grief 13:07
3.The Scent of Withered Flowers 12:56
4.Perpetual Solitude 11:49

Total playing time 45:27

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Anonymous said...

I find a good balance between sinestry and melancholy on this album. Thanks for it Doomstermaniac!