Thursday, November 20, 2008

Soulsearch - Gwynedd (1997)

Genre : Atmospheric Epic Doom
Country : Austria

This is the first album of this amazing band. Their style is very difficult of classify, because they mix Epic Doom with classical arrangements, majestic atmospheres and pagan influences. They use heavy riffs, sacral keyboards, and harsh vocals. This album is very diverse to other Doom works, it has melancholy and mysticism. Is essential listen this majestic release! Highly recommended!

1.Erstes Kapitel: Neumondblut (The Princible of Womenhood) 08:31
2.Zweites Kapitel: Feldfeuer (Fires of The Womb) 09:29
3.Drittes Kapitel: Ahnenstahl (The Synonym For The Godly Mystery) 07:53
4.Viertes Kapitel: Schwarze Erde (The Guilt of Blood) 07:00
5.Fünftes Kapitel: Ährenschuld (Breathing The Land) 08:22
6.Zwischenkapitel: Kundgebung 01:07
7.Letztes Kapitel: Rabenhorst (Last Days of A Bloodless Land) 06:58

Total playing time 49:20

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