Thursday, November 6, 2008

In the Woods... - Omnio (1997)

Genre : Progressive Doom
Country : Norway

This second work of the band is really amazing!!!...This band formed by Green Carnation members, plays an experimental Metal with great emotion and beautiful melodies. This is an excellent melancholic work, very sad, with the most crushing harmonies. Their riffs are sorrow melodic, the best riffs in the genre. The clean vocals are in the melancholic vein. The female voice is enigmatic desperation.
This is one of my favorites albums. An essential album!!!

1.299 796 km/s 14:46
2.I Am Your Flesh 07:07
3.Kairos! 03:34
4.Weeping Willow 11:39
5.Omnio? - Pre 11:59
6.Omnio? - Bardo 05:54
7.Omnio? - Post 08:09

Total playing time 01:03:08

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