Monday, November 17, 2008

Isolation - Isolation (2008)

Genre : Black Doom
Country : Germany

This work is a special compilation of the "A Prayer For The World To End" demo and "Hier am Ende der Welt" EP. This is a raw Black Doom with psychotic growls, fast riffs and slow passages. Their melodies are depressive and anguish. This is a crushing work. Recommended!

1.Introduction 01:25
2.Quiet These Colours Will Fade 05:19
3.Hier am Ende der Welt 09:48
4.Abschied 03:55
5.The Nameless And The Unnamablen 08:43
6.Nur ein Moment 08:44
7.Outroduction 00:53

Total playing time 38:47

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