Monday, January 5, 2009

Grívf - Draugsrunor (2006)

Genre : Ambient Pagan Black/Funeral Doom
Country : Denmark

This is the first album of this amazing band. The style in all their works is between Atmospheric Doom and Pagan Black, with acoustic ambient, crushing slow riffs, and blackened guitar distortion. The melodies are isolation, depression, anguish and darkness. The vocals are very well performed goes from cavernous screams to sepulchral whispers and dark chants. The three albums of the band are highly recommended!!!

1.Rune 05:37
2.Hvad Mosen Skjuler 10:51
3.Dødskvad 11:59
4.Vølvens Tegn 11:23
5.Vise 04:52
6.Jordens Svælg 12:52

Total playing time 57:34

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