Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rapture - Songs For The Withering (2002)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Finland

One month ago I posted the first album of this magnificent band, well this is the second album and other great release. Their sound is very close to early Katatonia, October Tide, Slumber and Daylight Dies. The melodies are very well performed with melodic riffs, rhythm changes, and mid tempos. The vocals are powerful grunts and clean voices. Highly recommended!

1.Nameless 05:01
2.Gallows 04:41
3.Two Dead Names 03:53
4.Transfixion (...For the Butterflies of Joy) 05:51
5.The Vast 05:06
6.Raintracks 04:50
7.Enveloped 04:57
8.The Great Distance 04:12
9.Farewell 07:00

Total playing time 45:31
Link to debut album "Futile" :
Rapture on MySpace :

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