Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter - Into Darkness / Eternal Frost (1990 - Remastered 2008) Classic Album

Genre : Death Doom
Country : United States

This is the first and only album of the band. Winter released "Into Darkness" album in 1990, and "Eternal Frost" EP in 1994. These are the only works of the band. The style is Old School Doom Death in their most primitive essence. The atmosphere is very dense, the riffs are ultra heavy, and the vocals are deep grunts.
This material is essential for all doomsters!!!

1.Oppression Freedom / Oppression (Reprise) 05:57
2.Servants Of The Warsmen 04:24
3.Goden 08:18
4.Power And Might 02:44
5.Destiny 08:31
6.Eternal Frost 06:47
7.Into Darkness 09:26
8.Servants Of The Warsman 04:08
9.Eternal Frost 05:42
10.Winter 03:06
11.Blackwhole 05:28
12.Manifestations I 06:51

Total playing time 01:11:24

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