Monday, November 3, 2008

Deinonychus - Warfare Machines (2007)

Genre : Dark Death Doom
Country : Netherlands

This is the last Deinonychus album, definitively the last one, because decides split-up in the last September. Marco Kehren (vocals & guitars) did big works so much in Deinonychus as a pair of great albums in Bethlehem, really memorable works, thanks Marco!!!... This 7th album is similar to "Insomnia" in many aspects but with some more fast riffs, and more aggressive vocals (powerful Death vocals) although always with dark and dense atmosphere. This is a last forceful work from this great unforgettable band.
Highly recommended!

1.Krematorium 03:06
2.Carpet Bombing 03:23
3.Manoeuvre East 04:16
4.NaPola 04:45
5.MG-34 04:11
6.False Flag 05:25
7.Nerve Agent 04:56
8.Morphium 03:11

Total playing time 33:13


Anonymous said...

hi man. i find *Funeral - As The Light Does The Shadow (2008)* CD-Rip *mp3@CBR320kbps. download this if u can and upoload last track for me. cuz my internet have limit in f.u.c.king iran. tanx so much.

and i got one band from *Chile* for u ! *Mourners Lament*

Anonymous said...

and a funeral band from my country ! see info in lastfm and the only album

download and tell me what u think.

Doomstermaniac said...

Thanks Omid, I checked your Funeral link and the track 10 is perfect, I upload this track, you check Funeral "As does..." in my blog.

I have "Mourners Lament", and other chilean bands. Many thanks for the link of "1000 Funeral", because my cd of this band is damaged! Is an excellent funeral band!!!...if you have more Doom bands from your country sends me the links to my Gmail.