Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Deinonychus - Insomnia (2004)

Genre : Dark Doom Death
Country : Netherlands

1.Nightfall Guides Insomnia to Be an Everlasting Torture, with This Being the Consequence 05:03
2.We Have Uncovered a Question and Now We Must Unearth the Answer 10:35
3.To Diagnose the Fortunes of Paranoia Consuming Conciousness and Sanity 11:00
4.Long I Feared That My Sins Would Return to Visit Me, and the Cost is More Than I Can Bear 10:25
5.Reasons to Open Your Eyelids and Awake the Apocalypse Iris Is Telling You 07:19

Total playing time 44:22


Tech Toy said...

el link esta ekivocado, es otro album

Doomstermaniac said...

El link es correcto, lo acabo de bajar para comprobar y si es el album, ademas yo tengo el Cd original y esta bien. Antes de hacer un cometario te sugiero que estes seguro de lo que dices y averigues un poco mas.

fabio said...

this cd is AWESOME! the 3rd track is the best in my opinion. amazing band, for sure. it deserves to be listened.

Max said...

Gracias por el disco
Saludos desde México