Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Apathy - A Silent Nowhere (2008)

Genre : Progressive Death Doom
Country : Sweden

This is the first album of the Swedish band. Their style is Progressive Death with Doom influences. The melodies are very close to Opeth's sound. The riffs are fast with slow interludes, and acoustic passages. The vocals are aggressive grunts, and some clean voices. This album is very well performed with intricate movements, and magnificent melodies. Recommended!

For fans of Opeth, Katatonia, October Tide, Aphotic, Daylight Dies, Dark Suns, and more.

1.The Mist And The Ocean 06:30
2.Bitter Roots 04:42
3.To End The Misery 05:26
4.Come Sweet Death 00:37
5.Into The Pale 08:54
6.The Man Who Swallowed The Sun 04:42
7.One With The Shadows 06:46
8.Slumber 03:41
9.Constance Willow 10:26

Total playing time 51:44

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