Friday, March 20, 2009

Serpent Rise - Anastenárides (Demo 1994 / Re-release 2005)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : Brazil

This Demo was re-released in 2005 with 2 bonus tracks from 'Travellin Free' demo. In this Demo they plays Doom Death with Old School influences, raw sound, obscure atmosphere, death growls and some clean vocals. It's recommended for fans of raw Doom Death.

1.Mistress Of My Paradise 05:34
2.Gardens Of Illusion 08:43
3.Misericordium 07:35
4.Betrayer God 05:35
5.Mistress of My Paradise (Bonus Track) 08:33
6.Travellin' Free... In the Cosmic Sea (Bonus Track) 14:46

Total playing time 49:48

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