Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Voj - Krugami Vechnosti (Demo 1991)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Russia

This is an amazing surprise, a Russian band played ultra-slow Funeral Doom in 1991. The band was formed in 1988!!! Thergothon also released their first Demo in '91 and Skepticism in '92.

Their style is raw Funeral Doom with ultra-slow riffs, obscure melodies, heavy sound, dense atmosphere, crushing drums, harsh vocals, powerful grunts, solemn spoken vocals and some choirs.

Their style is very similar to the pioneers from Finland. Unfortunately this is the only work of this band. It's an awesome funereal Demo with excellent raw sound. This material is very hard to find! Highly recommended for all doomsters!!!

1.Simfonia Luny 02:38
2.Ya Uhozhu 10:06
3.Tretiy Krug Ada 09:32
4.Vechnyj Vlastelin 02:29
5.Magicheskiy Krug 08:19

Total playing time 33:04

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tanx form iran.