Monday, January 12, 2009

Left in Torment - Saturnian Rites (2008)

Genre : Atmospheric Funeral Doom
Country : France

In this first work, 'Left in Torment' plays Funeral Doom in their most melancholic essence, with melodies full of nostalgia, sorrow, sadness, suffering, agony, and hopeless. The keyboards and piano lead the rhythm of these dying melodies, creating a painful atmosphere. The melodic riffs are quiet and slow. This work is practically instrumental, only accompanied for some depressed spoken vocals. Highly recommended!!!

For fans of Remembrance, Shape of Despair, Ankhagram, Lethargy of Death, and more...

1.And They Speak To Me 14:07
2.In Sorrow I Rise 15:50
3.Altar To Eternity 20:40

Total playing time 50:38

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Unknown said...

Thanks for this, really a great album, very melancholic.

Unknown said...

Another great Demo!!! Please support teh new bands dont be a leecher!!!.

Sacris said...
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deidra said...

Amazing album with great atmosphere, very melodic and sad.