Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dying Rose - The Bleeding Flowers (2009)

Genre : Gothic Black Doom Death
Country : Belarus

In the beginning Dying Rose played Melodic Doom Death, now this first full-length of the band it's a more sophisticated release. Their style is Black Doom Death with Gothic Metal influences, Classical arrangements, majestic atmosphere, melodic riffs, crushing melodies, rhythm changes, enigmatic passages, keyboards/organ, Black/Death vocals, female voices and Soprano.
Highly recommended!

1.The Jewels Of Eternity 02:33
2.Fallen 05:31
3.Lethargic Sleep 05:57
4.Annabel Rose 04:49
5.Grave Emptiness 09:35
6.The Bleeding Flowers 02:03
7.Death Agony 05:20
8.Beast 06:22
9.The Ode Of The Dying Soul 06:47
10.Damned God 04:55
11.Your River 09:06
12.Funeral Of Abandoned Love 07:49

Total playing time 01:10:47

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