Friday, December 12, 2008

Ordog - Crow and the storm (2006)

Genre : Funeral Doom / Melodic Doom
Country : Finland

This is the first album of the band. Ordog plays with more up tempo moments, than most bands in this Doom sub-genre. They mix Funeral Doom with Melodic Doom. The riffs are crushing melodies full of depression, melancholy, suffering, mystery and desolation. The clean vocals are amazing and melancholic. The guttural vocals are cavernous grunts.

In this album you will hear magnificent riffs never listened in other Funeral band. This album is absolutely recommended!!!

1.In utter darkness 13:58
2.The crow and the storm 04:40
3.Scavengers 09:04
4.Ordog 10:40

Total playing time 38:22

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