Monday, December 1, 2008

Void of Silence - Criteria ov 666 (2002)

Genre : Atmospheric Doom Death
Country : Italy

Second album and one of the best of this Italian band. In this work they play an Atmospheric Doom Death with mournful, dark and mysterious melodies. The guitars are very slow, in some passages almost sound as Funeral Doom. The vocals are very well performed, with perfect guttural vocals, and anguish voices. This album has the saddest and painful melancholy of the mankind!
Highly recommended!

1.Opus I. Velocity. Electricity. TVnecro 01:31
2.Opus II. With No Half - Measure 06:44
3.Opus III. Anthem For Doomed Youth 08:52
4.Opus IV. Anger 03:22
5.Opus V. The Ultimate Supreme Intelligence 09:57
6.Opus VI. Nothing. Immortal 05:18
7.Opus VII. Victory! 03:20
8.Opus VIII. Universal Separation 07:06
9.Opus IX. Xtc-Elevation-Trip 04:39

Total playing time 50:49

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