Friday, January 2, 2009

Colosseum - Chapter II: Numquam (2009)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Finland

Good beginning of year with this great release!... This is the second album of this funereal band. I think that this might be the best Colosseum's album. The melodies are very well constructed, and the slow tempo is perfect, accompanied by sorrowful keyboards, sad flutes, monumental atmosphere, melodic riffs, acoustic passages, and deep grunts.

Colosseum confirms be one of the best Finnish bands with this solid work! Highly recommended!

1.Numquam 07:32
2.Towards the Infinite 06:57
3.Demons Swarm by My Side 09:57
4.The River 07:07
5.Narcosis 09:53
6.Prosperity 11:10
7.Outro 05:32

Total playing time 58:08

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Anonymous said...

Thanks much for this. Its a brilliant fookin` album for sure. An excellent example of what real funeral doom is all about. Class, style, and composition of the highest calibur.

Anonymous said...

I've just listen it and it's very very good. At least as good as their previous album (one of my best 2007 discoveries), and perhaps better.
Definitively in my next purchase list.

Karba said...

Un buen disco, mejor que el primero de esto finlandeses, tiene momentos muy intensos (el in-crescendo del 2º tema es genial), pero no puedo dejar de verlos como unos ESOTERIC de 2ª división... sin la fuerza y la maestría de ellos pero con un sonido y estilo muy similar

progsociety said...

truly masterful... R. I. P. Juhani