Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Empyrium - A Winter Sunset...(1996)

Genre : Symphonyc Doom Black
Country : Germany

First album of this fantastic band. In this work they combined Doom with emotional Black, Folk influences with classical music, including instruments as flute, cello, piano, keyboards, mellotron and acoustic guitars. The black voice is an emotional growl, the clean voice is absolute sorrow. This is a perfect melancholic Doom. Unfortunately, after 4 masterpieces, at present the status is split-up of the band. Highly recommended for all dying souls!

1.Moonromanticism 02:00 (Instrumental)
2.Under Dreamskies 10:10
3.The Franconian Woods In Winter`s Silence 10:55
4.The Yearning 08:41
5.Autumn Grey Views 03:56
6.Ordain'd To Thee 11:14
7.A Gentle Grieving Farewell Kiss 02:00 (Instrumental)

Total playing time 48:56

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