Friday, December 26, 2008

Kauan - Lumikuuro (2007)

Genre : Melancholic Doom Black Folk
Country : Russia

Amazing debut album of the band. Kauan has incorporated different styles as Doom, Black, Dark and Folk with atmospheric passages and majestic melodies, full of melancholy, depression, beauty, and darkness. The keyboards have classical arrangements with mournful sound. The vocals are Black and clean, accompanied by some choirs. The album has been based on the written in Finnish language. This album is a masterpiece, and the second track is perfect.
Highly recommended!!!

For fans of the melancholic stuff, also fans of Agalloch, Empyrium and Rakoth.

1.Alku 02:08
2.Aamu Ja Kaste 07:01
3.Lumikuuro 07:28
4.Savu 04:11
5.Koivun Elämä 06:27
6.Syleilyn Sumu 05:14
7.Villiruusu 05:17
8.Syleilyn Sumu (Akkustika) 05:11

Total playing time 42:57


Anonymous said...

Wonderful first album !
It sounds like a mix between doom-death/funeral and the folk band Tenhi. Very relaxing.

deidra said...

Very good album, better in my opinion than Tietajan Laulu, their latest album. I'd place them somewhere between early Empyrium and Tenhi. Anyway, given the fact that Anton is so young, I expect we'll have more pleasant surprises from him.:)