Thursday, September 18, 2008

Antichrisis - Cantara Anachoreta (1997)

Genre : Melancholic Dark Doom / Folk
(Male & Female vocals)
Country : Germany

Masterpiece of the band; your riffs and atmospheres are full of sorrow, heartache & melancholy. The male voice is black & clean. The band plays keyboards, flute, mandoline & uileann pipes, creating a very interesting sound. Recommended for melancholy lovers!

1.Prologue - Vitae at Threscwald Anachoreta in Mortem 04:57
2.Endless Dance 12:19
3.Requiem Ex Sidhe 07:32
4.Goodbye to Jane 07:40
5.Baleias 06:11
6.Her Orphaned Throne 11:36
7.Descending Messiah 10:48
8.Epilogue - Arcanum In Anchorage 09:21

Total playing time 01:10:24

1 comment:

F ábio said...

the epilogue is FUCKING AMAZING!!!! a "dragged" song full of melancholy and sadness! OMG PERFECT!