Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pyogenesis - Sacrificious Profanity + Ignis Creatio (1992)

Sacrificious Profanity (EP 1992)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : Germany

This is one of the first works of the band, in the vein of classic Death Doom. This ep represents a part of this history. Recommended!

1.Sacrificious Profanity 04:35
2.Lowland of Impiety 06:50

Playing time 11:25

Ignis Creatio (EP 1992)

Genre : Doom Death

“Ignis Creatio" is an essential album that should be in everyone’s collection. Good and ferociously intense.

1.Still Burn In Fire 06:27
2.Like Tears (In the Dust) 06:58
3.On Soulwings 09:22
4.Underneath Orion's Sword 05:33
5.Ignis Creatio 02:59

Playing time 31:19

Total playing time Eps 42:44

Download Sacrificious Profanity + Ignis Creatio

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