Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Silent Wake - A Garland of Tears (2008)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death/Pagan Folk
Country : England

This is the awaited third album of this magnificent band. The band's style could be described as Melodic Doom Death but their influences are wide, going from Doom Death to some passages of Pagan and Folk Metal.

The guitars are very well performed, getting create amazing melodic riffs, mixed with acoustic guitars and Pagan riffs. These Pagan riffs are a little close to Falkenbach and Nydvind. The melodies express melancholy, despair, pain and sadness. The vocals are excellent and intense, they use aggressive grunts, melancholic clean voices, and some female chants. This masterpiece is highly recommended!!!

Recommended for future purchases!

1.Tunnels 11:20
2.Cruel Grey Skies 08:06
3.Pendulum 02:33
4.By My Own Hand 08:23
5.Fall of the Flightless 09:57
6.Fallen Leaves 03:32
7.Wilderness of Thorns 08:02

Total playing time 51:53

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