Friday, May 29, 2009

Olde Crone - Olde Crone (2009)

Genre : Stoner Doom
Country : England

First full-length of this British band. Their style is Doom Metal with Stoner and Psychedelic Rock influences, slow guitars, heavy riffs, crushing melodies and clean vocals. Recommended.

1.Norse Torch 09:14
2.Olde Crone (Chapter 1) 09:46
3.Blue Iris 09:54
4.Olde Crone (Chapter 2) 07:10
5.Broken Reality 10:05
6.Time To Burn 12:14
7.Olde Crone (Chapter 3) 13:24

Total playing time 01:11:47

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Raakku - Seed Divine (Demo 2006)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Finland

First release from Raakku, they play Doom Death with melodic riffs, weeping guitars, melancholic melodies, sorrowful atmosphere, sad keyboards, and powerful grunts. This Demo is very interesting, unfortunately too short. Recommended for fans of Katatonia (Brave Murder Day), Daylight Dies, Rapture and Swallow the Sun!

1.Seed Divine 04:43
2.Aberrance 05:08

Total playing time 09:52

Eibon - Eibon (EP 2008)

Genre : Sludge Doom
Country : France

Eibon is formed by 3 members from Horrors of the Black Museum. Their style is Sludge Doom with raw guitars, distorted riffs, crushing melodies, obscure atmosphere, melodic paces, and aggressive growls. Awesome release! Highly recommended!

1.Asleep and Threatening 10:44
2.Staring at The Abyss 11:42

Total playing time 22:25

Eibon & Hangman's Chair (Spilt 2007)


Genre : Sludge Doom
Country : France

1.Venom Of Solar Dust 09:21
2.Enslaved By Abyssal Torments 08:42

Hangman's Chair

Genre : Stoner Doom with Sludge influences
Country : France

3.Appetite For Self Destruction 05:07
4.The Getaway 05:45

Total playing time 28:55

Leather Nun - All Your Kin (2006)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : United States
Leather Nun plays Traditional Doom with Old School and 70's Rock influences, heavy riffs, guitar solos, awesome melodies and excellent clean vocals. All their releases are highly recommended!

For fans of Saint Vitus, Pentagram, The Obsessed, Trouble, The Puritan...

1.Overdope 04:16
2.Horsehair and Red Silk 06:47
3.Troglodyte 02:35
4.The Hunter 04:31
5.Maryland Winter 03:47
6.The Onkh 01:18
7.Urban Plight 04:58
8.Melmoth 04:15
9.The Oath 02:55

Total playing time 35:22

Leather Nun - Absence of Light (2008)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : United States

1.Emblem 07:31
2.Portcullis 06:04
3.Ly Loa 02:00
4.Below Zero 05:28
5.Some Might Grow 01:23
6.Tools Of The New Church 06:59
7.Final Resting Ritual 04:52
8.Dark Crusade 06:04
9.Hm Ending 01:17

Total playing time 41:38

Leather Nun - Leather Nun (EP 2005)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : United States

1.Soulless 04:05
2.Indra 04:03
3.Riffer 02:46
4.Inner Sanctum 03:30
5.Redneck Stomp II 02:39

Total playing time 17:03

Leather Nun - My Congregation (EP 2006)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : United States

1.Leather Nun 04:09
2.Going South 03:44
3.The Process 06:00
4.Dixie Proud 05:05
5.Black Oak 01:01
6.Inner Sanctum II 03:37

Total playing time 23:36

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dismal - Fiaba Lacrimevole : Like a Red Bleeding Rose in a Glacial Desert (1998)

Genre : Dark Doom Death
(Growls, clean vocals, female voices/Violin & keyboards)
Country : Italy

Dismal is an excellent band. Each album is an evolution, but always with obscure atmosphere, melancholic melodies, melodic riffs, violins, keyboards and excellent compositions. Their last albums have more classical arrangements and Gothic/Dark influences.

This first album for me is the best release from Dismal, has lots of melancholy, sadness and anguish. This album is awesome!
Highly recommended for fans of Desire!!!

1.Act I Dancing Around A Bonfire (During A Magical Rite Against The God) 03:07
2.Act II Beginning Of A Crusade Heading To Nekropolyx Or 'Waiting For The Storm' 09:15
3.Act IX Cristal-Tears In The Emerald-Forest Or Thinking About 'The Leviathan' 02:34
4.Act X The Holy Prayer Of Shatephyn To The Mighty Blazing Ice-Sword 08:00
5.Act IV (New Version) Suxpyrya - Crystalline Tears Kingdom 06:33
6.The Final Step Towards The Reign Of Utopia 09:54

Total playing time 39:23

Dismal - Dionisiaca (EP 2001)

Genre : Gothic Dark Doom
(Growls, clean vocals & female voices/Violin & keyboards)
Country : Italy

1.I - ...In The Limbo Of Catalepsy 02:43
2.II - Folgorazione 04:59
3.III - A Venere 08:11
4.IV - Ebony Butterfly 07:33

Total playing time 23:26

Dismal - Rubino Liquido : Three Scarlet Drops... (2003)

Genre : Gothic Dark Metal with Doom influences
(Male vocals & female voices/Violin & keyboards)
Country : Italy

1.Tre Scarlatte Stille... 01:29
2.Invisible Drops (or Lux Atque Tenebra) 07:12
3.Per Aspera Ad Astra 03:30
4.Chemical Nature Of Rubedo 06:15
5.Stasi 06:11
6.Ametistia 07:36
7...di Lagrima 'ntica (a Melody from the Past) 01:12
8.Esse "S" 05:02
9.A Venere (new orchestral version) 08:03

Total playing time 46:37

Runemagick - Dark Live Magick (Live Album - 2001)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : Sweden

1.Celebration Of Death (intro) 01:18
2.Hymn Of Darkness 00:48
3.Dark Necroshadows 03:35
4.Death Collector 03:51
5.Return Of The Reaper 04:41
6.Dreamvoid Serpent 04:17
7.Reborn In Necromancy 05:27
8.Curse Of The Dark Rune 03:52
9.Dethrone The Flesh 05:09
10.When Death Is The Key 05:13
11.Lord Of The Grave 05:49
12.Hail Death 04:37

Total playing time 48:37

Sin of Angels - In the Grip of Despair (2007)

Genre : Sludge Doom Death
Country : United States

Second full-length from Sin of Angels. Their style is Sludge Doom Death with crushing guitars, distorted riffs, ultra-heavy melodies, melodic passages, rhythm changes, slowest moments and aggressive grunts. Very interesting release. Recommended!

1.Administrative Maximum 05:25
2.Parasite 03:55
3.Era of the Fatherless 05:12
4.Eta Carinae 03:32
5.A New Reality 05:03
6.Rust 06:38
7.Dissolve 02:06
8.We Speak in Tongues 07:15
9.Alone Among Deceit 06:36

Total playing time 45:42

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Doomenicus - Suffering of Souls (Demo 2001)

Genre : Melodic Depressive Doom
Country : Italy

Doomenicus is an interesting Italian band. They play Doom Metal with Dark influences, melodic riffs, slow rhythm, depressive melodies, sad keyboards, sorrowful atmosphere, clean Dark vocals and spoken voices. Highly recommended!

1.Light a Candle for my Soul 09:12
2.My Last Hours 10:06
3.Prayer is the Only Way Out 09:00

Total playing time 28:21

Forty Days Longing - Head Of The Demon (Demo 1998)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : United States

This is the second Demo of the band. Their style is Doom Death with Black influences, crushing riffs, rhythm changes, awesome violins, keyboards, good melodies, deep grunts and screaming growls. Really very interesting. Recommended.

1.Blood Of Creation 07:07
2.Starvation Techniques 06:33
3.Realm Of Confinement 09:34

Total playing time 23:14

The Obsessed - The Obsessed (1990)

Genre : Traditional Doom with 70's Rock influences
Country : United States

The Obsessed is one of the first Doom Bands in the history of this sacred genre; formed by Scott "Wino" Weinrichis (Saint Vitus, Place of Skulls, Wino, Spirit Caravan...). Their style is Traditional Doom with 70's Rock influences or Classic 70's Rock with Doom & Black Sabbath influences, the result is the same, ****ing good Metal with raw riffs, guitar solos, heavy melodies, Stoner passages, rhythm changes and excellent clean vocals.
Recommended for Classic Doomsters!

1.Tombstone Highway 03:30
2.The Way She Fly 02:22
3.Forever Midnight 04:59
4.Ground Out 03:17
5.Fear Child 01:55
6.Freedom 06:00
7.Red Disaster 03:51
8.Inner Turmoil 02:22
9.River of Soul 04:20

Total playing time 32:36

The Obsessed - Lunar Womb (1991)

Genre : Traditional Doom with 70's Rock influences
Country : United States

1.Brother Blue Steel 03:26
2.Bardo 02:21
3.Hiding Mask 03:53
4.Spew 03:06
5.Kachina 03:44
6.Jaded 03:58
7.Back To Zero 03:57
8.No Blame 01:25
9.No Mas 02:51
10.Endless Circles 04:11
11.Lunar Womb 06:22
12.Embryo 01:47

Total playing time 41:01

The Obsessed - The Church Within (1994)

Genre : Traditional Doom with 70's Rock influences
Country : United States

1.To Protect And To Serve 03:05
2.Field of Hours 05:39
3.Streamlined 02:10
4.Blind Lightning 03:39
5.Neatz Brigade 06:50
6.A World Apart 01:33
7.Skybone 03:50
8.Streetside 03:25
9.Climate of Despair 03:04
10.Mourning 04:05
11.Touch of Everything 04:37
12.Decimation 04:09
13.Living Rain 02:25

Total playing time 48:31

The Obsessed - Incarnate (Best of Compilation - 1999)

Genre : Traditional Doom with 70's Rock influences
Country : United States

Compilation of Demos and rare tracks. Highly recommended!

1.Yen Sleep 04:28
2.Concrete Cancer 03:07
3.Peckerwood Stomp 02:14
4.Inside Looking Out 06:19
5.Mental Kingdom 02:57
6.Sodden Jackal 04:16
7.Iron & Stone 03:00
8.Indestroy 01:31
9.Streetside 04:25
10.Mourning 03:55
11.Spirit Caravan 03:11
12.Skybone 04:11
13.On The Hunt 05:03
14.River of Soul 04:30
15.Lunar Womb 06:22

Total playing time 59:29

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vhernen - .S.y.b.e.r.i.a. (EP 2006)

Genre : Ambient Black Doom/Funeral Black Doom
Country : Faroe Islands

This EP is awesome. The 3 first tacks oriented into Ambient Black Doom with mournful melodies, obscure atmosphere, fast passages, slow interludes and screaming vocals.
The last track "Funeral Aurora" is magnificent depressive Funeral Black Doom with slow riffs, cello, and very sorrowful atmosphere. Really my favorite track from the Vhernen releases!
Highly recommended!!!

1.Syberia 05:32
2.Tundrha 05:14
3.Numb 04:33
4.Funeral Aurora 05:01

Total playing time 20:21

Vhernen - Vhernen (2007)

Genre : Ambient Funeral Black Doom
Country : Faroe Islands
This is the first full-length of this excellent band. In this album their style is Black Doom with Ambient and Funeral influences, obscure atmosphere, crushing guitars, distorted riffs, rhythm changes, apocalyptic passages, sepulchral march, depressive melodies, electric cello, harp, and screaming vocals.
Vhernen is awesome; the melodies are coldness, suffering, depression, despair, sadness, melancholy, solitude, devastation, and anguish. This album is highly recommended!!!

1.Efterår 08:27
2.In solstice 09:19
3.Advent 08:18
4.Vinter 05:18
5.Requiem 10:52
6.Lopransfjørður/Ende 15:09

Total playing time 57:23

Shades of Deep Water - Shades of Deep Water (Demo 2007)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Finland

First release of this Finnish band. Their style is Funeral Doom with raw guitars, distorted riffs, melodic passages, obscure atmosphere, depressive melodies, monotonous rhythm, and dying grunts. Recommended!

1.Lifeless Surroundings 08:22
2.Bitter End 09:03

Total playing time 17:25

Ashes You Leave - Songs For The Lost (2009)

Genre : Gothic Metal with Doom influences
(Female vocals and deep grunts)
Country : Croatia

Ashes You Leave is one of the best Croatian metal bands, had a glorious Doom Metal past with masterpieces like "The Inheritance..." and "Desperate Existence", unfortunately now they play Gothic Metal with a bit of Doom influences, but is the present of this band.

This album contains 8 songs with melodic riffs, some Doom passages, painful violins, melancholic keyboards, beautiful female vocals, some clean voices and deep grunts.
Recommended for fans of Leave's Eyes, Elis, Sirenia or last Tristania.
1.Apathy Overdose 04:42
2.The Feast 04:48
3.Stranded 06:00
4.The Song Of The Lost 04:01
5.Every You Every Me 05:24
6.Taints 05:11
7.Losing Fate 04:54
8.Where The Pain Is and Soul Of Ice 05:50

Total playing time 40:50

Links to the first albums :

Ashes You Leave - The Passage Back to Life (1998)

Ashes You Leave - Desperate Existence (1999)

Ashes You Leave - The Inheritance of Sin and Shame (2000)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Blazing Eternity - Over Sorte Heder (Demo 1996)

Genre : Black Doom
Country : Denmark

Blazing Eternity is an excellent Danish band formed by 2 members from Saturnus like session musicians. Their style in the beginning was Black Doom after Melodic Black Doom and now Melodic Doom. Their albums are crushing with melancholic melodies, weeping guitars, melodic riffs, keyboards, screaming growls and clean vocals. Blazing Eternity is highly recommended!!!

1.Over Sorte Heder 04:36
2.Towards the Thorns of Melancholy 04:04
3.Da Hobet Blev Borte For Altid... 02:32
4.Enthralled by Sorrow 06:32
5.The Romantic Forest Is Darker than Sadness 04:22

Total playing time 22:06

Blazing Eternity - Der Hviler En Nat Under Sorte Vinterboge (Demo 1998)

Genre : Melodic Black Doom
Country : Denmark

1.Fortabte Horisonter 07:37
2.Still Lost In The Autumn Of Eternity 05:38
3.Dark Summernights Of Eternal Twilight 09:02

Total playing time 22:17

Blazing Eternity - Times And Unknown Waters (2000)

Genre . Melodic Black Doom/Depressive Doom
Country : Denmark

1.Concluding The Dive Of Centuries 06:17
2.Fortabte Horisonter 07:54
3.Of Times And Unknown Waters 04:22
4.Still Lost In The Autumn of Eternity 06:16
5.(Sagnet Om) Manden Med Den Sorte Hat 02:32
6.Dead Inside 06:57
7.Dark Summernights Of Eternal Twilight 10:31
8.End/Midnight 23:43

Total playing time 01:08:32

Blazing Eternity - A World To Drown In (2003)

Genre : Melodic Doom with Gothic influences
Country : Denmark

1.Cover Me With Your Eyes 04:19
2.To Meet You In Those Dreams 03:40
3.A World To Drown In 08:16
4.Stars In July 04:23
5.(Don't) Tell The World 04:35
6.Procession 03:10
7.En Nat Bliver Det Sommer 04:53
8.Monument 06:49
9.White 05:44

Total playing time 45:49

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Sins of thy Beloved - All Alone (EP 1997)

Genre : Gothic Doom Death
Country : Norway

These Demo's songs have different arrangements and different playing time to the definitive album versions. Highly recommended!!!

1.All Alone 06:16
2.Memories 06:35
3.Worthy of You 03:21

Total playing time 16:12

The Sins of thy Beloved - Demo (Demo 1997)

Genre : Gothic Doom Death
Country : Norway
This Demo contains 2 unreleased tracks and "Silent Pain" has different arrangements and different playing time to definitive album version. Highly recommended!!!
1.Even Though 03:26
2.Garden of eden 05:14
3.Silent pain 05:14

Total playing time 13:24

The Sins of thy Beloved - Lake of Sorrow (1998) Classic Album

Genre : Gothic Doom Death
Country : Norway

For me this first album of the band is the best Gothic Doom album of all times. This album is Doom Metal with Gothic influences, melodic riffs, slow rhythm, awesome violins, sorrowful melodies, melancholic keyboards, romantic atmosphere, deep grunts and magnificent female vocals.

The violins work from Pete Johansen are amazing, the violins style is perfect, leading the melodies in many passages of this album. Their sound is sorrow, suffering, sadness, melancholy, hopeless, solitude, devastation, despair and anguish. Simply awesome! This album is a perfect masterpiece! Highly recommended!!!

1.My Love 09:30
2.The Kiss 08:56
3.Worthy of You 07:17
4.Lake of Sorrow 07:06
5.Until the Dark 06:39
6.All Alone 07:13
7.Silent Pain 08:02

Total playing time 54:41

The Sins of thy Beloved - Perpetual Desolation (2000) 1 Bonus Track

Genre : Symphonic Gothic Black/Death Doom
Country : Norway

This second album compared to their debut album is more symphonic and theatrical with some Doom influences. The sound is more heavy and stronger with Black passages and majestic atmospheres. This album is a masterpiece in the Gothic Doom genre. Highly recommended!
The status of the band is again active, but there is no release date of any new album.

1.The Flame of Wrath 09:49
2.Forever 06:55
3.Pandemonium 07:29
4.Partial Insanity 07:42
5.Perpetual Desolation 04:16
6.Nebula Queen 07:00
7.The Mournful Euphony 08:39
8.A Tormented Soul 04:20
9.The Thing That Should Not Be (Metallica cover) 06:05
10.World Of Day (Bonus Track) 06:25

Total playing time 01:08:40

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quasar - D.E.E. (Demo 2004)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Russia

Quasar plays Funeral Doom with raw riffs, distorted guitars, some melodic soundscape, melancholic melodies, sorrowful organ, depressive passages, tenebrous moments, atmospheric elements, and cavernous grunts. The melodies are solitude, suffering, coldness, depression, despair and fear. Amazing release!
Highly recommended!

1.Исход (Upshot) 14:08
2.Рассекая Бесконечность (Splitting the Infinity) 14:06
3.Автаркия (Autarchy) 04:40

Total playing time 32:54

Deep Well of Horror - Drone (2005)

Genre : Funeral Drone Doom
Country : Italy

First release of the band. Their style is Funeral Drone Doom with distorted riffs, depressive melodies, obscure atmosphere, tenebrous keyboards, instrumental passages, and cavernous grunts. This album is an astral journey to forgotten deep regions. Very recommended!

1.Drone 21:42
2.The Fly, The Valley 10:10
3.Omen 17:49
4.Wholeness 01:52
5.The Tree 10:16
6.The Maggots 06:39

Total playing time 01:08:28

Runemagick - Dark Dead Earth (Best of Compilation - 2008)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : Sweden

This Best of Compilation contains the complete discography from the 3 first albums, now remastered. Highly recommended!

Tracks 1-8: "The supreme force of Evil" Album
Tracks 9-21: "Enter the realm of Chaos" Album, including the bonus Tiamat cover not included on the original release.
Tracks 22-34: "Resurrection in blood" Album

Disc 1

1.At The Horizon's End 08:01
2.The Black Wall 04:14
3.When Death Is The Key 04:29
4.For You, My Death 03:51
5.Curse Of The Dark Rune 03:20
6.Nocturnal Creation 04:57
7.The Supreme Force 04:37
8.Sign Of Eternity Part II 02:49
9.Hymn Of Darkness 00:58
10.Enter The Realm Of Death 06:09
11.Longing For Hades 05:00
12.Dwellers Beyond Obscurity 05:08
13.Abyss Of Desolation 05:19
14.Beyond (The Horizon's End) 06:32
15.Dethrone The Flesh 04:32
16.The Portal Of Doom 01:30
17.Dreamvoid Serpent 03:56

Disc 2

1.(18) The Call Of Tombs 05:52
2.(19) Lightworld Damnation 04:05
3.(20) Dark Necroshadows 04:53
4.(21) The Malicious Paradise (Tiamat cover) 04:01
5.(22) Resurrection Of The Darklord 00:30
6.(23) Reborn In Necromancy 05:15
7.(24) Death Collector 03:56
8.(25) Dark Dead Earth 04:54
9.(26) Lord Of The Grave 05:54
10.(27) Choir Of Hades 00:31
11.(28) Resurrection In Blood 06:47
12.(29) Hail Death 04:34
13.(30) Dominion Of The Necrogods 05:08
14.(31) Demonstrosity 06:10
15.(32) The Gates Of Hades 00:54
16.(33) Return Of The Reaper 04:14
17.(34) Celebration Of Death 01:18

Total playing time 02:24:18

Download Disc 1

Download Disc 2

Abismo - Occasus a Lux Enimus Candelae (2008)

Genre : Dark Ambient with Drone Noise Doom influences (Instrumental)
Country : Brazil

Interesting first release of the band. Their style is minimalist Dark Ambient with some Drone, Noise, and Doom influences. The melodies are hellish symphonies to darkness, this a journey into the abyss. This release is only for open minds, you haven't listened nothing like this. Recommended!
Thanks to Diego for sharing his release!

01.Ultimo Canto Cíclico do Sol - Part I 04:26
02.Animarum Elatum Terminus Meridianus 20:03
03. Vergo Nihilum 39:48
04.Ultimo Canto Cíclico do Sol - Part II 13:39

Total playing time 01:17:57

Sincarnate - On the Procrustean Bed (EP 2008)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : Romania

First release of this Romanian band. Their style is Doom Death with crushing melodies, melodic passages, mid-tempo, rhythm changes, keyboards, sorrowful atmosphere, and powerful grunts. Recommended!
Thanks for this contribution to Deidra!

1.Intro (Requiem for a Dream) 03:25
2.Reverence 05:41
3.Desolate 05:40
4.Sincerely Yours 05:10

Total playing time 19:56

Afasia - Dark Allegory To The Fallen Ones (EP 2007)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : Chile

Afasia plays Doom Death with Old School influences, crushing riffs, obscure melodies, tenebrous atmosphere, raw passages, powerful grunts and screaming growls. This release is highly recommended!

1.The Wisdom That We Lost 05:33
2.Twilight Times 04:02
3.Tides Of Agony 03:50
4.The Final Premonition 05:18
5.Domains Eminens 04:52
6.Prevail The Darkness 02:51
7.A Dark Allegory (Outro) 01:54

Total playing time 28:24

Alone Stale - Back To Suffering (Demo 1999)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : Brazil

This is the first release of this interesting band. Their style is Doom Death with Old School influences, raw riffs, crushing melodies, some melodic passages, rhythm changes, and cavernous grunts. Recommended!

1.Shadow Ache 02:56
2.Who ? 06:46
3.Yourself's Mirror 06:19
4.(He) Claims 05:34

Total playing time 21:36

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kodiak - Kodiak (2009)

Genre : Funeral Doom (Instrumental)
Country : Germany

First album of this German band. Their style is Funeral Doom with ultra-slow riffs, heavy passages, monotonous melodies, melodic soundscapes, depressive atmosphere, and Cello in the first minutes of the album. Interesting release!

1.Beginning 18:17
2.End 21:15

Total playing time 39:32

Mournful Congregation - Weeping (Demo 1994)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Australia

This is the first Demo from this awesome funereal band. Highly recommended for collectors!

1.Fading Light of A Dying Sun 11:33
2.Astralic Dreams 09:56
3.Weeping 02:41
4.Suffer the Storms 09:12

Total playing time 33:22

Mournful Congregation - An Epic Dream of Desire (Demo 1995)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Australia

This is the second Demo of the band. All tracks with original sound recording!
1.Heads Bowed 12:43
2.Miriam 02:57
3.An Epic Dream Of Desire 15:43

Total playing time 31:23

Amorphis - The Karelian Isthmus (1992)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : Finland

Amorphis is one of the great bands in the Doom Death genre, they have contributed with big albums in the genre. Their sound and riffs were revolutionaries in the early 90's. All these releases belong to its Doom Metal period.

1.Karelia 00:44
2.The Gathering 04:13
3.Grail's Mysteries 03:02
4.Warriors Trial 05:04
5.Black Embrace 03:39
6.Exile of the Sons of Uisliu 03:44
7.The Lost Name of God 05:32
8.The Pilgrimage 04:38
9.Misery Path 04:19
10.Sign From the North Side 04:54
11.Vulgar Necrolatry (Abhorrence cover) 04:22

Total playing time 44:11

Amorphis - Privilege of Evil (EP 1993)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : Finland

1.Pilgrimage from Darkness 04:30
2.Black Embrace 03:23
3.Privilege of Evil 03:48
4.Misery Path 04:15
5.Vulgar Necrolatry (Abhorrence cover) 03:57
6.Excursing From Existence 03:06

Total playing time 23:10

Amorphis - Tales From the Thousand Lakes/Black Winter Day (1994) Classic Album

Genre : Melodic Doom Death/Progressive Doom
Country : Finland
"Tales..." is one of my favorites albums from my first Doomster days. This album contains classic songs, their sound is very different to other bands from the same period. Tracks like "Black Winter Day", "The Castaway", "Drowned Maid" and "Forgotten Sunrise" are big ones.
This re-released edition contains "Black Winter Day" EP and "Light My Fire" The Doors cover.

1.Thousand Lakes 02:03
2.Into Hiding 03:42
3.The Castaway 05:30
4.First Doom 03:49
5.Black Winter Day 03:48
6.Drowned Maid 04:23
7.In the Beginning 03:34
8.Forgotten Sunrise 04:50
9.To Fathers Cabin 03:47
10.Magic and Mayhem 04:27

Amorphis - Elegy (1996)

Genre : Progressive Doom Death/Melodic Doom
Country : Finland
Amazing album with excellent songs like the sorrowful "Elegy" and the beautiful "My Kantele", one of the best Amorphis songs, really awesome!!!... This album contains lots of melancholy, nostalgia, suffering and agony!!!
1.Better Unborn 05:50
2.Against Widows 04:04
3.The Orphan 05:16
4.On Rich And Poor 05:18
5.My Kantele 05:00
6.Cares 04:27
7.Song of the Troubled One 04:06
8.Weeper on the Shore 04:50
9.Elegy 07:19
10.Relief 04:07
11.My Kantele (Acoustic Reprise) 05:55

Total playing time 56:35

Amorphis - My Kantele (EP 1997)

Genre : Progressive Doom
Country : Finland

1.My Kantele (Acoustic Reprise) 05:57
2.The Brother-Slayer 03:37
3.The Lost Son (The Brother-Slayer Pt II) 04:36
4.Levitation (Hawkwind cover) 05:52
5.And I Hear You Call (Kingston Wall cover) 04:41

Total playing time 24:43

Sunn O))) - Monoliths & Dimensions (2009)

Genre : Ambient Drone Doom
Country : United States

This is the last full-length of this American band. This album is a step forward in the Drone Doom genre with bleak melodies, ultra-heavy riffs, perfect distortion, slowest rhythm, dark passages, Ambient influences, sick atmosphere, tenebrous moments, hellish female choirs, gurgling spoken vocals. This album is for all fans of the genre and open mind Doomsters. Listen this album before criticism. Highly recommended!

1.Aghartha 17:34
2.Big Church (Megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért) 09:43
3.Hunting & Gathering (Cydonia) 10:02
4.Alice 16:21

Total playing time 53:40

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doomraiser - Erasing the Remembrance (2009)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : Italy

Doomraiser is an Italian band that plays awesome Traditional Doom with a bit of Stoner Rock, Old School influences, Psychedelic passages, ultra-heavy riffs, guitar solos, crushing melodies, some flutes & violins (in their last album), and clean/harsh vocals in amazing performance. Doomraiser is absolutely recommended!!!

1.Pachidermic Ritual (intro)
2.Another Black Day Under the Dead Sun 10:26
3.The Raven
4.C.O.V. (Oblivion)
6.Head of the River (intro)
7.Rotten River - Part I: The River - Part II: On the First Day of the New Dark Year for the World 01/01/08

Total playing time 58:59

Doomraiser - Lords of Mercy (2006)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : Italy

1.The Age of Christ 10:00
2.The Old Man to the Child 12:16
3.Doomraiser 12:26
4.Metamorphosis 08:58
5.Doomalcoholocaust 13:59

Total playing time 57:14

Doomraiser - Heavy Drunken Doom (Demo 2004)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : Italy

1.The Age Of Christ 10:00
2.Lords Of Mercy 12:40
3.The Man That Ride The Past Erasing The Remembrance 13:32

Total playing time 36:12