Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ankhagram - Under Ruins (2008)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Russia

Last full-length of this amazing band, incredibly it's the project of only one man. Their style is Funeral Doom with magnificent melodies full of sorrow, mournfulness, melancholy and darkness. The atmosphere is very well worked with sad keyboards. The vocals are deep grunts, accompanied by painful choirs. Their sound, choirs and slow march remembered me "Shape of Despair" and "Remembrance"; also perhaps anything of "Pantheist" and "Skepticism"on keyboards.

My favorite track is "In Misery", the harmonies are so beautiful and so dark. The melancholy is too heartbreaking. The desolation is infinite, and the suffering is eternal... The pain runs deep!

Ankhagram must be the best Russian band, and this album is one of the best releases of the year! Highly recommended!!!

Thanks for this magnificent contribution to Aljazek!

1.Intro 03:44
2.Quiet and Gone 07:30
3.Oblivion 06:51
4.Under Ruins (Part I) 12:36
5.In Misery 10:11
6.Under Ruins (Part II) 12:11
7.Outro (Bonus) 08:19

Total playing time 01:01:22


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