Sunday, March 8, 2009

Novembre - Wish I Could Dream it Again... (1994)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Italy

Novembre is one of the best Italian bands. The band has 7 full-lengths and their albums have different influences, going from Melodic Doom Death, to Gothic Doom and Progressive Metal, with depressive melodies, melodic guitars, rhythm changes, and intricate melodies. The vocals are clean and deep grunts. Their sound is close to Katatonia, October Tide and Daylight Dies. These albums are highly recommended for Doomsters who like this genre!

1.The Dream Of The Old Boats 05:31
2.Novembre / Its Blood 06:44
3.Night / At Once 04:13
4.Let Me Hate 03:05
5.Sirens In Filth 05:49
6.Swim Seagull In The Sky 07:39
7.The Music 03:59
8.Nostalgia / Its Gaze 06:10
9.Behind My Window / My Seas Of South 05:18
10.Old Lighthouse Tale 05:02
11.The White Eyed 05:34
12.Neanderthal Sands 03:43
13.Christal 02:01

Total playing time 01:04:48


Anonymous said...

the vocals are bad on this album. only the song 'sirens in filth' is worth listening to, imo

Anonymous said...

great cover artwork btw. :)