Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bloody Panda - Pheromone (2007)

Genre : Sludge/Funeral Doom (Female Vocals & growls)
Country : United States

Amazing first full-length of this excellent band. Their style is Funeral Doom with Sludge influences, crushing melodies, slow guitars, distorted riffs, ultra-heavy atmosphere, church keyboards, some monstrous growls, and fuck*** female vocals, really hypnotics, psychotic, and distressing voices!
This album is a wonderful journey through darkness territories never known!!! It's a perfect funereal torture, R.I.P.!
Highly recommended!

1.Untitled 06:35
2.Coma 10:19
3.Fever 09:31
4.Ice 12:45

Total playing time 39:10


Unknown said...

Había oído hablar de ellos, parece una propuesta interesante, veamos que tal.

Gracias doomstermaniac

Anonymous said...

A very pleasant album. Thank for this discovery.

Anonymous said...

well done. perfect album. tanx from iran.