Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mourning Dawn - Mourning Dawn (2007)

Genre : Dark Black Doom
Country : France

This an amazing first full-length of the band. This work includes members from Inborn Suffering, Funeralium & Ad Vitam Aeternam. They play a Dark Black Doom with crushing and raw guitars, intricate riffs, darkened melodies; screaming vocals, powerful grunts, and whispered voices. The atmosphere is suffocating and obscure.
This is a beautiful darkness music!!!
For fans of early Bethlehem, Deinonychus, early Katatonia, also Funeralium, etc.
1.Intro 03:06
2.From The Torrent and The Fountain 14:18
3.Grey Flood 06:27
4.Interlude 01:19
5.When The Sky Seems To Be A Flag 10:23
6.Innocence Leaves 10:31
7.As The Ocean... 06:29
8.Verdun 05:49

Total playing time 58:23


Anonymous said...

tanx man ! good work. i'm form iran and i like your weblog. Funeral Doom is my favorites genre,special pantheist band ! what about they new 2008 album ??
tanx again.

Doomstermaniac said...

Hello man, My favorite genre also is the Funeral Doom!... The new cd of Pantheist will come out in the next days!