Sunday, March 22, 2009

Elysium - Dreamscapes (2001)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
(Male and female vocals)
Country : Australia
Link Reuploaded!
Elysium is an excellent band formed in the 90's by Stuart Prickett (The Slow Death / Stone Wings). The band changed the name to Stone Wings in 2002.
This album is a fantastic release with bleak melodies, raw moments, sorrowful keyboards, deep grunts, and some female vocals.
This album is highly recommended!!!
1.Dark Woods And Willows Wild 07:29
2.Graven Bay 05:29
3.Elysium (Gallery Of The Fallen) 02:59
4.These Bleak Enshrined Emotions 07:40
5.Remorse At Dusk 09:56
6.Leafy Tendrils (Part One) 08:01
7.Millenia Gone 11:48

Total playing time 53:22
Other works from 'Elysium', under the name 'Stone Wings' :
Stone Wings - Birds of Stone Wings (2003)
Stone Wings / Mournful Congregation (Split 2007)


Deathstructor said...

Gracias por la banda.
Buscaba y no encontraba.
Cada vez me sorprende tu blog.

Sacris said...

Good Album!!!...