Saturday, October 25, 2008

Myriads - Introspection (2002)

Genre : Gothic Doom / Symphonic Doom
(Female & male vocals. Death & Black vocals. Piano & keyboards)
Country : Norway

This is the second Myriads album, in this work they play a Melodic Doom with symphonic arrangements, magnificent classical piano, keyboards, and acoustic guitar. The electric guitars are melodic. In this work the vocals are very diverse; they use amazing female voice, enigmatic and spectral; the black vocals are powerful, the Death vocals are deep, completed by melancholic clean voices. Highly recommended!

1.Enigmatic Colours of the Night 09:32
2.Miserere Mei 11:45
3.Inside 05:55
4.The Sanctum of My Soul 06:15
5.Portal to the Mind 14:57
6.Falling in the Equinox 03:57
7.Flickering Thoughts 07:55
8.Encapsulated 09:12
9.The Ascent 04:37

Total playing time 01:14:05

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