Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bethlehem - Dark Metal + 2 Bonus Track (1994)

Genre : Dark Doom Black
Country : Germany

This is the first work of Bethlehem, with atmospheres very darkened, Death and Black vocals, all this combined with slow passages and distressing melodies. This album is a jewel of Dark Doom!

For fans of Deinonychus, Dolorian and all those who like the Dark and Black Doom.

1.The Eleventh Commandment 05:11
2.Apocalyptic Dance 11:01
3.Second Coming 06:03
4.Vargtimmen 03:46
5.3rd Nocturnal Prayer 09:00
6.Funereal Owlblood 06:53
7.Veiled Irreligion 05:27
8.Gepriesen Sei Der Untergang 05:30
9. Supplementary Exegesis (Bonus Track from : Ep ''Thy Pale Dominion'') 08:25
10.Wintermute (Bonus Track from : Ep ''Thy Pale Dominion'') 08:12

Total playing time 01:09:28

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