Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cold Embrace - Age of Doom (2001)

Genre : Epic Doom
Country : Germany

This is the second album of this excellent band. In this album their style is Epic Doom with Traditional Doom elements, and Pagan influences, melodic riffs, some guitar solos, dense atmosphere, clean vocals, and Epic choirs. This album is well described as "Battle Doom Metal". Highly recommended!!!

1.Way Of The Warrior 09:17
2.Misery 05:24
3.Empty Alleys 03:49
4.Honour 05:04
5.In Doom We Trust 05:41
6.March Of The Fallen 05:10
7.Mourning The Loss Of Jadzia 06:13
8.Age Of Doom 05:44
9.True Friends 05:58

Total playing time 52:20

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this album ! I had some doubts after checking out their my space, but it's great music indeed !