Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Semper Dolens - Eeuwige Rouw (Demo 2006)

Genre : Melancholic Doom
Country : France / Netherlands

This is the only work of this band formed by Matthieu Sachs, member of "Remembrance", "Lethian Dreams" and "In Somnis". Semper Dolens translated from Latin is 'always mournful'. These melodies and lyrics express the feeling of losing love, melancholy, sadness, suffering, hope; probably all at once. This sadness is beautiful in these songs. Enjoy this feel of depression listening it in solitude. This is total melancholy!!!

1.Melancholied 04:19
2.Zo Stil 05:55
3.Elders 06:11
4.Memorandum 05:21

Total playing time 21:46

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