Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dying Rose - The Bleeding Flowers (2009)

Genre : Gothic Black Doom Death
Country : Belarus

In the beginning Dying Rose played Melodic Doom Death, now this first full-length of the band it's a more sophisticated release. Their style is Black Doom Death with Gothic Metal influences, Classical arrangements, majestic atmosphere, melodic riffs, crushing melodies, rhythm changes, enigmatic passages, keyboards/organ, Black/Death vocals, female voices and Soprano.
Highly recommended!

1.The Jewels Of Eternity 02:33
2.Fallen 05:31
3.Lethargic Sleep 05:57
4.Annabel Rose 04:49
5.Grave Emptiness 09:35
6.The Bleeding Flowers 02:03
7.Death Agony 05:20
8.Beast 06:22
9.The Ode Of The Dying Soul 06:47
10.Damned God 04:55
11.Your River 09:06
12.Funeral Of Abandoned Love 07:49

Total playing time 01:10:47

Dying Rose - ...With Poisoned Thorns (Demo 2002)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death / Black influences
Country : Belarus

1.Annabel Rose. In The Beginning 09:12
2.Midnight Tragedy 08:44
3.Annabel Rose. The End 04:57
4.Horse Barbarians 07:08
5.Diada 05:03

Total playing time 35:04

Neolith - Igne Natura Renovabitur Integra (1998)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Poland

Neoltih plays Doom Death with melodic riffs, crushing melodies, rhythm changes, acoustic passages, keyboards, and deep grunts. Recommended!

1.Uverture 01:33
2.Unbeliever 05:02
3.Awakening (A Prayer For Dying) 05:16
4.In The Garden Of Forgetfulness 04:37
5.Raven Moon 05:37
6.Curse The Lord 04:35
7.Temple Of The Silent Desire 06:21
8.Souls They Love Forever 04:28
9.My Journey To The Stars 04:07
10.Pagan Chant 04:49
11.Igne Natura Renovabitur Integra 10:40

Total playing time 57:05

Neolith - Trips Through Time and Loneliness (Best of Compilation - 1996)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : Poland

This release contains two Demos of the band.
Tracks 1-6 "Journeys Inside the Maze of Time" Demo 1995.
Tracks 7-11 "Promo '96" Demo 1996.

1.Time's Trap Prologue 02:15
2.Tempter From a Maze of Time 03:53
3.My Time Has Come 03:20
4.Lunathiz Danze 00:41
5.The Shining in Her Eyes 02:50
6.Reborn 03:18
7.Forever Alone 07:03
8.Rethona Yerg Yad 02:37
9.This is My Kingdom 05:09
10.Left Alone 07:12
11.Goil of Forgotten Souls 02:31

Total playing time 40:49

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Absurd Existence - Angelwings (1994)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Germany

Absurd Existence is an excellent Doom band, unfortunately underrated. They play Doom Death with melodic riffs, awesome melodies, guitar solos, rhythm changes, acoustic passages, melancholic atmosphere and powerful grunts.
Their releases are highly recommended!!!

1.Sorrow 03:52
2.Black Sun 06:30
3.Beyond All Beauty 07:52
4.Dawn Of Lies 08:37
5...And We Dream 07:32
6.At The Gates Of Nemesis 04:48
7.Ode To The Setting Sun 04:57
8.Silence 04:44
9.Carried By The Wings Of An Angel 04:55

Total playing time 53:47

Absurd Existence - Silence (Demo 1993)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : Germany

1.Intro 02:35
2.Gates of nemesis 05:01
3.Silence 04:50
4.Earth rape 06:09
5.Myself in you 06:01
6.Theds 07:17
7.Psychopatic phobia 04:54

Total playing time 36:47

Penuria - Time Is Agony (Single 2009)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Chile

Interesting release of this new band. Their style is Funeral Doom in the best vein of Shape of Despair, Mournful Congregation and other funereal bands. Highly recommended!

1.Time is Agony 16:08

Total playing time 16:08

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aura Hiemis - While The Rest of the World Sleep... (2008)

Genre : Funeral Doom/Melodic Doom Death
Country : Chile

Second full-length of this excellent band. In this album they mix Funeral Doom with Melodic Doom Death, you can find tracks in both styles. It's a great album with perfect sound and awesome quality.

The riffs are crushing with rhythm changes and very well performed. The melodies are melancholic tragedies full of agony, anguish, depression, despair, sadness, solitude, misery and infinite pain.

This album is one of the best CDs that I have heard lately. It's an elegy of absolute melancholy. Highly recommended!!!

You can purchase this album to Funerart (, the price is very cheap!

1.V Demonae 09:02
2.Chained & Bonded 10:10
3.Whispers In The Dark 12:34
4.Made To Lose It All 06:53
5.A Morning To Fade Away 12:51
6.The Silent Cry (Forest of Shadows Cover) 04:46

Total playing time 56:16

Other releases of the band :

Aura Hiemis - Terra Umbrarum / Ruin and Misery (2005)

Aura Hiemis - Maeror Demens (2006)

Amber Tears - Revelations of Renounced (2006)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death/Folk influences
Country : Russia

This is the first album of this interesting Russian band. Their style is Doom Death with Folk influences, weeping guitars, melodic riffs, beautiful atmosphere, melancholic passages, deep grunts and some clean vocals. This release is highly recommended!!!

1.Intro 02:34
2.Through Autumnal Rain 08:03
3.Leaving Tears 06:12
4.Under the Fields of Ages 04:20
5.Call of the Dreams 07:16
6.On the Way of Shadows 06:21
7.Snow 06:05
8.Renounced Solitude 02:29

Total playing time 43:20

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sabazius - Devotional Songs (2009)

Genre : Sludge Funeral Doom
Country : England

Sabazius plays Funeral Doom with some Sludge influences, ultra-heavy guitars, distorted riffs, slow rhythm, monotonous melodies, claustrophobic atmosphere, instrumental passages, spoken vocals and cavernous grunts. Their songs are very long and apocalyptic. Highly recommended!

1.Asana 06:33
2.Her Crimson Lotus Feet 01:12:39
3.Shyama 01:07:32
4.Asana 06:33

Total playing time 02:32:40

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Sabazius - DCLXVI (EP 2009)

Genre : Sludge Funeral Doom
Country : England

1.DCLXVI 20:11

Total playing time 20:11

Sabazius - The Song of Los (EP 2009)

Genre : Sludge Funeral Doom
Country : England

1.The Song of Los 25:36
Total playing time 25:36

Sabazius / Dröne (Split 2008)


Genre : Sludge Doom
Country : England

1.Torah 22:24


Genre : Drone Doom
Country : England

2.Far Beyond The Night 09:06
3.Methadone 12:22

Sabazius - Sabazius (2008)

Genre : Sludge Funeral Doom/Experimental Funeral Doom
Country : England

1.Occult 29:15
2.Death’s Eternal Sleep 47:43
3.Terror Is Thy Name 27:25
4.XXIII 42:09

Total playing time 02:26:32

Friday, April 24, 2009

It Will Come - 47 (Best of compilation - 2006)

Genre : Melodic Doom (Female vocals)
Country : Sweden

This release contains the first 2 demos of this interesting band. Their style is Melodic Doom with slow guitars, bleak riffs, melancholic melodies, obscure atmosphere, and depressive female vocals. Highly recommended!

For fans of The 3rd and the Mortal, Skumring...

1.Deeper Into Nothing 09:35
2.Mute Witnesses 08:45
3.Sickness 08:04
4.Bound 05:59
5.Storm of Sin 05:37
6.Our Place 04:50

Total playing time 42:55

Heavenwood - Diva (1996)

Genre : Gothic Doom
Country : Portugal

This is the first album of the band. Their style is Gothic Metal with some Doom influences, melodic riffs, keyboards, atmospheric passages, deep grunts and clean vocals. Recommended!

1.Frozen Images 07:01
2.Emotional Wound 06:34
3.Flames Of Vanity 08:47
4.Since The First Smile 06:22
5.Tears Of Grief 04:19
6.Moonlight Girl 04:13
7.Judith Heavenwood 05:15
8.Weeping Heart 05:18
9.Frithiof's Saga 07:22
10.Lament 01:56

Total playing time 57:07

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Akelei - Promo '08 (Demo 2008)

Genre : Melodic Depressive Doom
Country : Netherlands

This is the first release of this interesting band. Akelei is formed by Misha Nuis (vocals on Semper Dolens), Pascal Vervest (guitars on Faal) and Ward Maaswinkel (drums/vocals on Faal). They play Melodic Doom with depressive melodies full of melancholy and agony. The sorrowful vocals accompanied by mournful guitars create a tragic atmosphere. This Demo is highly recommended for all nostalgic souls around this miseries world!

For fans of Semper Dolens, The Fall of Every Season, Hanging Garden, Autumnal, and other depressive bands.

1.Middag 06:13
2.Pijnschrift 08:11
3.De Zin (die ik verloor) 10:10
4.Herfst en de Weduwnaar 14:38

Total playing time 39:14

Liturgia - Veritatis Splendor (1998)

Genre : Dark Death Doom
Country : Colombia

This is the first release of the band. Their style is Dark Death Metal with some Doom influences, melodic riffs, rhythm changes, raw moments, acoustic passages, keyboards, semi-screaming growls and some clean vocals.

1.Vampire's Return 05:04
2.Endless 03:37
3.Veritatis Splendor 03:59
4.Enigma 04:12
5.Landscapes Of Souls 03:58
6.Windfall 01:57
7.Ethereal Dream 04:47
8.In Perpetuum 05:00
9.Wounds Of Sadness 05:29
10.At The End Of The Storm 04:45

Total playing time 42:48

Aseidad - Autumn (2000)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : Chile

This is the only full-length of this Chilean band. Their style is Death Doom with crushing riffs, raw moments, acoustic passages, deep grunts, and some clean vocals.

1.Wish/Eternal Autumn 06:32
2.Praise of a Blind Child 05:18
3.Angel Effluvium 03:13
4.The Bum 05:17
5.Skyggerness Dal 03:51
6.The Ritual 03:57
7.Wounded 04:00
8.The Father's Pride 02:14
9.Stay By Me 05:10
10.Changes 05:55
11.Rainbow 00:58

Total playing time 46:25

Condenados - La iniciación (EP 2009)

Genre : Classic Doom
Country : Chile

This is a good release of the band; they play Doom Metal with 70's influences, ultra-heavy riffs, rhythm changes, and clean vocals. Recommended for traditional Doomsters!
For fans of Saint Vitus, Candlemass, Black Sabbath, Reverend Bizarre, The Puritan...

1.Bautizado Con sangre 09:01
2.Baphomet (La iniciación) 07:32
3.Miseria Existencial 10:21
4.Lucifer 05:27
5.Messiah (Hellhammer Cover) 04:22

Total playing time 40:00

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Desolate - The Mirrored Waters Of Time Reflect (Demo 1994)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : England

This is the only Desolate's Demo, released in the distant 1994, but it has a very good sound! Their style is Doom Death with crushing melodies, melodic guitars, awesome riffs, raw passages, rhythm changes, guitar solos, Old School influences, deep grunts and melancholic clean vocals. Their sound has some Paradise Lost's influences. Unfortunately this is the only release of this excellent band. This Demo is highly recommended!!!

1.Hallows Eve (Intro) 01:58
2.Ruins 04:02
3.Passing 05:58
4.Sorrows Fall 04:40
5.I Die Alone 04:29
6.The Mirrored Waters... 03:54
7.Contrasts 04:08

Total playing time 29:13

Sorrows Lament - ...When I'm Gone (Demo 2004)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Sweden

This is the only release of the band. Their style is Doom Death with melodic riffs, rhythm changes, good melodies, keyboards, deep grunts and some screaming vocals. Recommended!

1.No Release 06:07
2.A January Embrace 08:56
3.Die Inside 06:32
4.The Silence Within 05:01

Total playing time 26:36

Galadriel - Oblivion (2000)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
(Male and female vocals)
Country : Slovakia
Link Reuploaded!

This is the third Galadriel's album. Melodic Doom Death with darkened and melancholic atmosphere. The female vocals are amazing. Recommended!

1.On The Wings Of Gwaihir 04:42
2.Strokes of Desire 04:03
3.As Your Body Burns 05:46
4.Blindness 03:06
5.Lavondyss 06:35
6.The Evening ... And Then Came The Night 06:20
7.My Decembern 04:42
8.It Ends When The Moon Loses Its Face 05:17
9.Rivers Of Oblivion 05:48
10.Dowina 01:41
11.Acheron 02:25

Total playing time 50:25

Flegethon - There is no Echo of Reality (2003)

Genre : Ambient Funeral Black Doom
Country : Russia

1.The Land of a Thousand Fires 07:28
2.I Am Not a Stranger (King Diamond Cover) 06:20
3.Angst 01:11
4.The Silence of the North 04:29
5.Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath Cover) 06:20
6.Ash 06:25
7.Jackalman 03:15
8.Like in the Moonlight (P.I. Tchaikovsky Cover) 03:30
9.Pass Through a Red Sky 05:15
10.The Funeral 03:58

Total playing time 48:11

Flegethon - The Absolute Laws of Darkness (2003)

Genre : Funeral Black Doom
Country : Russia

In this album the band plays Black Metal with Funeral Doom influences. The melodies are fast, with slow moments, crushing riffs and funereal atmosphere. This release contains a Skepticism cover (Aether).

1.Intro 02:19
2.Infernal Diatribe 05:11
3.Aether (Skepticism Cover) 07:10
4.The Battle Hymn of the Apocalypse 06:04
5.Spiritual Monuments of the Past 06:05
6.Outro 02:40

Total playing time 29:29

Flegethon - Behind a Side of Times (2005)

Genre : Ambient Funeral Doom
Country : Russia

This album contains crushing and sinister melodies. Lyrics of this release are based on H.P. Lovecraft's works!

1.Returning From Condition of a Deep Amnesia 22:34
2.Memoirs From Dreams 20:05
3.The Certificate of Existence of the Great Race 20:52
4.Shadow of Other Reason Which Has Subordinated Time 16:11

Total playing time 01:19:42

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flegethon - Cry Of The Ice Wolves II (2006)

Genre : Ambient Funeral Doom
Country : Russia

Flegethon plays Funeral Doom with Ambient influences, monotonous riffs, slowest rhythm, distorted melodies, claustrophobic atmosphere, and cavernous grunts. In the last album the band uses Piano and some classical arrangements. Recommended for fans of Until Death Overtakes Me, Funerary Dirge, Lacrymae Rerum...

1.Cry of the Ice Wolves II 41:30

Total playing time 41:30

Flegethon - The Art Of regeneration (2007)

Genre : Ambient Funeral Doom
Country : Russia

1.Children 14:00
2.Ameno 09:15
3.Lonesome Shepherd 08:33
4.Sadness 09:26
5.Chi Mai 10:44
6.Funeral March 02:36

Total playing time 54:34

Stonebride - Inner Seasons (2008)

Genre : Psychedelic Stoner Doom
Country : Croatia

This is the first full-length of this Croatian band. Their style is Stoner Doom with Psychedelic moments, and 60's/70's Rock influences; ultra-heavy riffs, melodic passages, guitar solos, and clean vocals. Stonebride took the best Stoner Doom influences in this album. Highly recommended!

1.Bending Roads 07:27
2.The Amazing Voyagers 06:33
3.To Follow 05:31
4.Mr.Plow Is Growing Hop 07:57
5.Drag & Drop 11:17

Total playing time 38:45

Majestic Downfall / Ansia (Split 2007)

In this Split featuring Majestic Downfall playing excellent Melodic Doom Death, and Ansia playing Ambient Funeral Doom with crushing riffs and cavernous grunts.

Majestic Downfall

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Mexico

1.A Birds Departure 08:10
2.In an Ocean of Fears 07:22
3.A Tear of Understanding 07:38


Genre : Ambient Funeral Doom
Country : Italia

4.Part I 13:40
5.Part II 05:51
6.Part III 15:38

Total playing time 58:19

Antestor - Despair (Demo 1993)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : Norway
Link Reuploaded!

Antestor in the beginning played Doom Death, now is a Black Metal band. In this Demo their sound is primitive with influences of the Old School Death Doom, church organ, crushing riffs, clean vocals, cavernous grunts, and in the last track gregorian choirs. Excellent material of the old era. Highly recommended!

1.Preludium 00:50
2.Demonic Seduction 06:01
3.Message From Hell 03:43
4.Lost Generation 03:21
5.Human 04:59
6.Jesus, Jesus, Ver Du Hjå Meg 03:14

Total playing time 22:11

Antestor - Martyrium (1994)

Genre : Black Doom Death
Country : Norway

Link Reuploaded!

This is the first full-length. Crushing Doom Death with Black influences, mixing slow tempo and some fast riffs, with primitive grunts, screaming growls. Really raw Doom and brutal sound! Recommended!

1.Spiritual Disease 06:42
2.Materalisic Lie 03:13
3.Depressed 06:43
4.Thoughts 03:00
5.Under The Sun 05:38
6.Inmost Fear 05:00
7.Searching 07:09
8.Martyrium 02:59
9.Mercy Lord 06:40

Total playing time 47:09

Ablaze in Hatred - Deceptive Awareness (2006)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Finland
Link Reuploaded!

First album of this band, in the style of Swallow the Sun, Terhen and Draconian. Their melodies are sorrow, despair and suffering. The guitars are melodic with melancholic sound. The vocals are deep grunts. It's an interesting debut album. Recommended!

1.Lost (The Overture) 05:11
2.When the Blackened Candles Shine 09:25
3.Howls Unknown 06:27
4.Constant Stillness 08:38
5.Ongoing Fall 08:29
6.To Breathe And to Suffocate 05:20
7.Closure of Life 07:59

Total playing time 51:29

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cantas Ad Mortuos - O Retorno (Demo 2006)

Genre : Epic Black Doom
Country : Brazil

This is the second Demo of the band. This release has an Epic atmosphere with slowest rhythm, melodic riffs, depressive melodies, bleak keyboards, Epic clean vocals, and Black/Death growls.
This Demo is excellent. Highly recommended!!!

1.O Clamor a Guerra (Intro) 02:19
2.Campos de Vento 05:41
3.Drama 08:07
4.O Retorno 08:06

Total playing time 24:13

Cantas Ad Mortuos - A Parábola do Eremita (Demo 2003)

Genre : Melodic Black Doom
Country : Brazil
Link Reuploaded!

This is the first work of this interesting band. They play slow Doom Black almost Funeral, with melodic riffs, raw passages, dense atmosphere, screaming growls and sorrowful clean vocals. The melodies are pain, depression, anguish and solitude. Recommended!!!

1.Nos Funerais Da Madrugada 08:05
2.O Lamento Das Aguas 08:16
3.A Parábola do Eremita 10:46
4.A Ascensão 07:21

Total playing time 34:28

Pÿlon - Doom (2009)

Genre : Traditional Epic Doom
Country : Switzerland

Pÿlon is an excellent band that plays Traditional Doom with Epic influences, Stoner passages, slow rhythm, heavy riffs, some guitar solos, bleak atmosphere, clean vocals. Pÿlon is highly recommended, is crushing Doom Metal!

For fans of Saint Vitus, Candlemass, Solitude Aeternus, Lord Vicar, Solstice...

1.Renovatio (Renewal & Relapse) 10:50
2.Doomstone 09:11
3.Ho Theos Erchestai 07:11
4.In The Shade 06:27
5.Beneath, Beyond 05:44
6.Dream A Dream 06:12
7.De Rerum Sanctarum Una 02:16
8.Psych-Icon 06:41
9.Hors Des Sentiers Battus 06:23
10.Age Of Despair 01:50
11.An Angel Tale 06:28
12.DeadLove 06:56
13.The Void Thereafter 01:20

Total playing time 01:17:29

Pÿlon - The Eternal Wedding Band (2006)

Genre : Traditional Doom/Stoner Doom
Country : Switzerland

1.And Thus It Ends... 02:11
2.Anaconda 03:50
3.Falling Into the Sun 07:14
4.Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejection (Black Sunrise/Chaos Theory) 03:10
5.A Walk Through Wonderland 05:26
6.2046 04:31
7.The Cold Mirror/Fields of Sorrow 07:37
8.In from the Futile Fields 07:53
9.L'épée dans mon coeur 02:07
10.Checkmate 64 02:43
11.To My Brethren 06:09
12.Dementia 02:03

Total playing time 54:54

Monday, April 13, 2009

Majestic Downfall - Temple Of Guilt (2009)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Mexico

Majestic Downfall is a good surprise in the Doom Death genre, the best band that I've heard from Mexico. Their style is crushing Doom Death with melodic guitars, excellent riffs, mournful melodies, raw moments, melancholic atmosphere, sorrowful keyboards, some calm passages, and deep grunts. Highly recommended!!!

For fans of Swallow the Sun, Daylight Dies, Morgion, Novembers Doom, old Katatonia...

1.Temple Of Guilt 08:52
2.Unexpected 11:40
3.Swallow: Pride 09:30
4.Failure 10:21
5.Bleeding Sun 15:40

Total playing time 56:04

Solstice - MCMXCII (Demo 1992)

Genre : Epic Doom
Country : England
These 3 Solstice's demos are awesome releases of this magnificent band. Highly recommended!!!

1.Your Haunted Eyes 07:17
2.Midwinter Serenade 04:58
3.Lachrymose 05:05
4.Another Cross To Bear 06:23
5.Absolution 05:35
6.Graven Deep 06:33

Total playing time 35:51

Solstice - As Empires Fall (Demo 1993)

Genre : Epic Doom
Country : England

1.Absolution in Extremis 05:21
2.Nowhere Journey 06:25
3.Neither Time Nor Tide 05:06
4.The Revenant 05:58

Total playing time 22:50

Solstice - Ragnarok (Demo 1994)

Genre : Epic Doom
Country : England

1.Winter Moon Rapture 07:31
2.Last Wish 05:50
3.The Man who lost the Sun/Ragnarok 11:55
4.Ragnarok 02:41

Total playing time 27:57

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Aeternum Sacris - The Beginning of the End (Demo 2009)

Genre : Ambient Funeral Doom
Country : Japan

This is the first release of this one-man band. Aeternum Sacris plays Funeral Doom with Ambient influences, slowest rhythm, melodic riffs, beautiful melodies, bleak atmosphere, painful keyboards, classical arrangements, deep grunts, spoken clean vocals, and torturous screams. The melodies are awesome, full of melancholy, pain, despair, sadness, desolation, anguish, hopeless and agony. This demo is an excellent Funeral Doom in amazing performance!
Highly recommended!!!
For fans of Left in Torment, Ea, Ankhagram, Ixion, The Howling Void, Dictator...

Thanks to my friend Sacris for sharing his release with us!

1.My Last Breath 09:57
2.Desolation 05:28
3.The Land of Sorrow, Mournful and Desease 06:52
4.Hell on Earth 09:16

Total playing time 31:34

Friday, April 10, 2009

Akra - Worse (2008)

Genre : Ambient Funeral Doom
Country : Ukraine

Akra plays Funeral Doom with Ambient influences, slowest rhythm, distorted riffs, depressive melodies, raw passages, claustrophobic atmosphere, sad keyboards, cavernous grunts and some clean vocals. Recommended for fans of early Dictator, Nortt, Urna, etc.

Thanks for this contribution to my friend Omid from Iran!

1.Imagination 01:41
2.Worse Part I 08:06
3.Darkness time 04:01
4.Fallen 06:23
5.Worse Part II 07:01
6.U-So tired 04:05

Total playing time 31:20

Eleven Drops To Sink Into - A Shelter From Time (EP 2008)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Bulgaria

Eleven Drops is a very interesting band from Bulgaria. Their style is Doom Death with melodic riffs, beautiful atmosphere, melancholic passages, depressive melodies, slow rhythm, deep grunts and some sad clean vocals. The A-Ha cover is magnificent, performed in a perfect Melodic Doom Death style with melancholic deep grunts. Highly recommended!!!

Recommended for fans of Saturnus, My Dying Bride, Elysium, The Slow Death, Mourning Beloveth...
Thanks for this contribution to Omid!

1.In A Short Moment 15:48
2.Light Mirrors 09:40
3.To Defeat Death 11:47
4.Memorial Beach (A-HA Cover) 05:24

Total playing time 42:39

Enchantment - Dance the Marble Naked (1994)

Genre : Doom Death
Country : England

This is the amazing only full-length of this excellent band. The melodies are awesome; melodic riffs and intricate passages with Old School influences and original sound. The vocals are harsh vocals, deep grunts and some clean vocals in perfect performance. This album is a masterpiece in the Doom Death genre.
Highly recommended!!!

For fans of old Anathema, My Dying Bride, Mourning Beloveth, Morgion, early Paradise Lost, Winter and other monumental bands!

1.Kneading With Honey 06:58
2.My Oceans Vast 06:27
3.The Touch of a Crown 04:33
4.Carve Me in Sand 04:37
5.Summer for the Dames 05:49
6.God Send 06:42
7.Of Acorns That Gather 04:40
8.Meadows 02:58

Total playing time 42:44

Solstice - Lamentations (1994)

Genre : Epic Doom
Country : England
Link Reuploaded!

This is the first Solstice's album. The British band plays a perfect style of Epic Doom Metal. Great clean vocals, very dense passages, excellent riffs and awesome atmospheres. The songs are perfectly arranged, and exhort a sort of medieval atmosphere to the listener. It's a magnificent album in this genre.
Highly recommended!!!

For fans of Isole, Candlemass, Solitude Aeternus, Pagan Altar, etc.

1.Lamentations IV 01:26
2.Neither Time nor Tide 05:20
3.Only the Strong 08:17
4.Absolution Extremis 06:03
5.These Forever Bleak Paths 06:40
6.Empty Lies the Oaken Throne 04:22
7.Last Wish 05:17
8.Wintermoon Rapture 07:02
9.The Man Who Lost the Sun 09:08
10.Ragnorok 03:33

Total playing time 57:12

Solstice - Halcyon + 2 Bonus Track (EP 1996 / Re-released 2000)

Genre : Epic Doom Metal
Country : England
Link Reuploaded!

This EP is realised with the same vocalist from "Lamentations" album, is an excellent work and amazing Epic Doom. Crushing riffs, emotional melodies, dense atmosphere, medieval moments and perfect vocals. This EP is for collection and includes 2 bonus tracks. Highly recommended!

1.The Ravenmaster 01:45
2.To Ride With Tyr 07:09
3.Graven Deep 06:57
4.Halcyon 03:08
5.Gloves Of Metal (Manowar cover) 05:23
6.Only the Strong (Bonus Track - Different mix) 08:18
7.Winter Moon Rapture (Bonus Track - Different Mix) 07:00
8.[Untitled Hidden Track] 05:06

Total playing time 44:46

Solstice - New Dark Age (1998)

Genre : Epic Heavy / Classic Doom
Country : England
Link Reuploaded!

Second album of this band. This album is more melodic and fast than their previous work. A sound with more Heavy Metal influences and less Doom moments; but with great atmosphere, acoustic passages and excellent riffs.

1.The New Dark Age/The Sleeping Tyrant 10:46
2.Cimmerian Codex 09:10
3.Alchemiculte 02:58
4.Hammer of Damnation 08:19
5.The Anguine Rose 01:35
6.Blackthorne 05:22
7.The Keep 02:00
8.Cromlech 10:28
9.New Dark Age II/Legion XIII 15:26

Total playing time 01:06:04

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Prophecy - Into The Light (2009)

Genre : Progressive Doom Death
Country : England

This is the new full-length of this amazing band. This is a solid Doom Death album with progressive influences, melodic riffs, guitar solos, heavy moments, intricate melodies, rhythm changes, powerful grunts and calm/sad clean vocals. It's a monumental and complex album. Masterpiece of these great musicians.
Highly recommended!!!

1.Into The Light 06:57
2.Don't Forget 04:24
3.Delusion 05:36
4.Echoes 09:45
5.Belief Means Nothing 06:06
6.All Is Lost 05:10
7.Waters Deep 10:44
8.Hope 08:56

Total playing time 57:38

Previous albums of the band :

The Prophecy - Ashes (2003)

The Prophecy - Revelations (2007)

Nightrealm - Bleakness (2002)

Genre : Funeral Doom Death/Black
Country : Finland

This is the only album of this interesting band. They play Funeral Doom with Black and Death elements, melancholic melodies, melodic riffs, rhythm changes, solemn atmosphere, keyboards, church organ, violin, deep grunts, clean vocals and some screaming growls.
Highly recommended!

1.Chapter I 07:48
2.Chapter II 08:22
3.Chapter III 05:54
4.Chapter IV 02:43
5.Chapter V 07:30

Total playing time 32:00

Sektarism - L'Offrande (EP 2008)

Genre : Raw Funeral Doom
Country : France

This is the only release of the band. Funeral Doom with raw melodies, distorted guitars, ultra heavy riffs, slow rhythm, monotonous passages, and despair grunts.
Recommended for extreme Funeral Doomsters!

1.L'Offrande 17:01

Total playing time 17:01