Thursday, November 27, 2008

Runemagick - Enter the Realm of Death (1999)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : Sweden

This is the second album of the band. In this work the sound is very dense with obscure melodies, sinister riffs, fast passages and powerful grunts.

1.Hymn Of Darkness (intro) 00:58
2.Enter The Realm Of Death 06:09
3.Longing For Hades 05:00
4.Dwellers Beyond Obscurity 05:07
5.Abyss Of Desolation 05:19
6.Beyond (The Horizons End...) 06:32
7.Dethrone The Flesh 04:32
8.Portal Of Doom 01:30
9.Dreamvoid Serpent 03:56
10.The Call Of Tombs 05:52
11.Lightworld Damnation 04:08
12.Dark Necroshadows 04:53

Total playing time 53:56

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