Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Wounded Kings - The Shadow Over Atlantis (2010)

Genre : Traditional Doom
Country : United Kingdom (England)

Awesome album from these masters of Doom!!!... In this album the band plays an amazing Traditional Doom Metal, with heaviness guitars, melodic riffs, darker solos, crushing distortion, perfect soundscapes, enigmatic keyboards, spectral atmosphere, and great clean vocals. The melodies are sorrow, solitude, desolation, mystery and darkness.
This album is a tortuous voyage through the black rivers of this decaying world. Really is a magnificent release!
Highly recommended for all Doomster!
Note : Special attention to the second track "Baptism of Atlantis", ultra-slow Doom with the most incredible riffs, it's absolute suffering. Awesome!!! In the last minutes the riffs go directly to your heart and devastate your soul!!!

1.The Swirling Mist 10:22
2.Baptism of Atlantis 08:11
3.Into the Ocean's Abyss 02:02
4.The Sons of Belial 08:01
5.Deathless Echo 02:50
6.Invocation of the Ancients 10:09

Total playing time 41:35

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F ábio said...

sinister and beautiful melodies... nice band! this band made me start enjoying traditional doom. doomster, please send me an e-mail with other bands like this one. thanks a lot for your work. =) (