Friday, October 24, 2008

Deinonychus - Mournument (2002)

Genre : Dark Doom
Country : Netherlands

This is the fifth album of Deinonychus, this predecessor of "Insomnia" has a sound and rhythm very similar to this one, with darkened atmosphere, crushing guitars with raw riffs, psychotic vocals, and whispered voice. Recommended!

1.Pluto's Ovoid Orbit 03:16
2.Salus Deceived 05:55
3.Odourless Alliance 04:01
4.Tantalised In This Labyrinth 03:48
5.The Crimson Tides - Oceans Of Soliloquy Pt. II 06:44
6.Selek From Menes 04:10
7.A Misleading Scenario 05:29
8.The Obscure Process Of Metamorphous 04:47
9.Arrival In Mesopotamia 05:44
10.Ancient Dreams (Candlemass Cover) 06:37
11.Ascension - The 40th Day After Easter 06:56

Total playing time 57:27

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