Sunday, September 21, 2008

Decoryah - Fall Dark Waters (1996)

Genre : Atmospheric Doom Metal
(Male & female vocals)
Country : Finland

This is the second album by Decoryah, this is other good work with atmospheric and depressive melodies.

1.Fall-Dark Waters 07:16
2.Submerged Seconds 03:00
3.Envisioned (-waters?) 04:32
4.Some Drops Beyond the Essence 05:48
5.Endless Is the Stream 05:41
6.Gloria absurdia 07:04
7.Wintry Fluids (Portal) 05:36
8.She Came to Me in the Form of Water 04:56
9.She Wept in the Woods 02:11

Total playing time 46:04

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Anonymous said...

amazing band !! great melody ! thank u so much. u allways choose bests. O\m/D