Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall of the Grey-Winged One - Aeons of Dreams (2002-Reissued 2006)

Genre : Drone Ambient Doom
Country : Belgium

This first album of the band is a Drone monolithic and highly suffocating, with a sound very heavy and distressing. It's a project of Stijn Van Cauter, member of Until Death Overtakes Me, The Ethereal, Wijlen Wij, Beyond Black Void among various others. Fall of the Grey-Winged One has been described as in a similar vein to Earth and Sunn O))), but with a bleak ambient orientation and minimalist industrial influences.

1.Hate Me 13:19
2.Locked 08:58
3.Aeons of Dreams (part 1) 21:27
4.Aeons of Dreams (part 2) 21:00

Total playing time 1:04:44

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