Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bellator - Iridescence (2002)

Genre : Melodic Doom Death
Country : Belgium

'Iridescence' is the only full-length from Bellator. In this album they play Doom Death with atmospheric elements, Progressive Metal influences, melodic riffs, rhythm changes, intricate melodies, deep grunts, clean and spoken vocals. This album is very interesting and different. Highly recommended!

1.The Journey's Onset 04:31
2.Deadlocked 06:27
3.Myriad Gateways 05:07
4.The Pulsar Voyage 03:47
5.Ghostride 13:18
6.Prelude to Austerity 06:54
7.Vaults of the Infinite 09:11
8.In Spectra 08:25

Total playing time 57:40


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to also upload the front covers (booklet) and the back cover of this cd or are they already included in this file? Thanx in advance

Doomstermaniac said...


Unfortunately I don't have this original recording. Only I have the front cover.

Dark greetings.

Anonymous said...

it's hard to find ! tanx so much from iran.