Saturday, October 4, 2008

Beyond Belief - Rave the Abyss (1995)

Genre : Death Doom
Country : Netherlands

Second great album in the vein of old school's Death Doom. Powerful and melodic riffs; deep growls; excellent melodies. With Pim Blankenstein, from Officium Triste, in the vocals.

1.Rave the abyss 04:13
2.Cursed 07:34
3.Blood beach 05:05
4.High on the moon 07:36
5.The burning of redlands 03:47
6.Crushed divine 06:55
7.The grand enigma 04:46
8.Tyrants of the sun 06:15
9.Lust 03:08

Total playing time 49:19

1 comment:

deidra said...

This isn't bad, but not impressive either. In my opinion, they play correct death doom with nothing special/original added.