Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tristitia - The Last Grief (2000)

Genre : Melodic Doom Metal
Country : Sweden

This is the 3rd album of the band, is most acoustic and melodic that your other works. It's a Classic Doom, melancholic and epic, with clean vocals, and some female choirs. Very interesting.

1.Once Upon A Dawn... 02:12
2.In The Light Of The Moon 01:47
3.Slaughtery 05:14
4.Evolic 01:53
5.Golden Goddess Of Fire 07:57
6.Tears & Tequila 01:45
7.Angelwitches Palace 07:33
8.Memory's Garden 01:36
9.Instrumental Hollowcoast 04:37
10.MediEvil 01:49
11.Under The Cross 05:09
12.Darknia: The Last Grief 06:46

Total playing time 48:18

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