Thursday, September 24, 2009

Skumring - De glemte Tider (2005)

Genre : Melodic Doom/Funeral Doom (Female Vocals)
Country : Norway

Amazing first album of the band. This is a perfect combination of Melodic Doom with Funeral Doom influences, with beautiful and distressing female vocals, sad melodies, melancholic atmosphere, and acoustic passages. All songs was written in norwegian language. This is the most melancholic album that you will listen in a lot of time.

This album is for fans of Funeral, The 3rd and the Mortal, Chalice, Ashes you Leave, Shape of Despair, etc.
1.Søvn 12:35
2.De Glemte Tider 18:52
3.Forførelse I Natten 13:10

Total playing time 44:37

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bruce said...

Excelente Skumring, me recuerda a Funeral (Tragedies)
...Hermosamente Melancólico, Muchas Gracias