Monday, January 19, 2009

Raven (Pre-Shape of Despair) - Alone In The Mist (Demo 1998)

Genre : Funeral Doom
Country : Finland

Raven is the beginning of the magnificent 'Shape of Despair', and this is their unreleased first Demo, with amazing songs, after officially released as Shape of Despair in the album 'Shades of...'.
I post this material because these tracks have primitive sound and some differences in melodies and vocals; and this have a collection value for true fans of 'Shape Of Despair'. Highly recommended!

All these songs have been performed only with male vocals, without female voices. In the Shape of Despair version contain female vocals!

1.Down Into The Stream 08:32
2.To Adorn 09:39
3.Shadowed Dreams 09:14
4.Woundheir 08:50
5...In The Mist 11:19
6.Outro 04:41

Total playing time 52:15

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Anonymous said...

Thanks much ! S.O.D. is a personal favorite.