Saturday, October 18, 2008

Disembowelment - Disembowelment (Best of Compilation - 2005) Ltd. Ed. 2 Cds

Genre : Death Doom
Country : Australia

Disembowelment is a mythical band in the genre, they plays an extreme Death Doom, with brutal passages and very slow moments, almost Funeral Doom. In the beginning of 90's they realized demos and one only album. The slow riffs, drums and obscure atmosphere have a sound similar to Evoken, because Disembowelment has influenced very much to Evoken!

The first disc includes the only full-length album from Disembowelment: "Transcendence Into The Peripheral", released in 1993. It's crushing Death Doom with deep growls, devastating riffs, and beast blasts. This is desolation, pain, anguish, gloom and despair; an unforgettable work!!!

The second disc is a compilation of Demos, in your crushing and demential essence!...Tracks 1-3 from the 'Dusk' EP, Track 4 from the 'Pantaglia compilation', Tracks 5-9 from the 'Mourning September' Demo.

This Death Doom masterpiece is essential for fans of Evoken, Ataraxie, Esoteric, Morgion, Indesinence, Thergothon, early Paradise Lost, Imindain, Insanity Reigns Supreme

Disc 1

1.The Tree of Life and Death 10:25
2.Your Prophetic Throne of Ivory 07:40
3.Excoriate 04:44
4.Nightside of Eden 02:39
5.A Burial at Ornans 14:38
6.The Spirits of the Tall Hills 09:22
7.Cerulean Transience of All My Imagined Shores 10:06

Disc 2

1.The Tree of Life and Death 09:21
2.A Burial at Ornans 12:03
3.Cerulean Transience of All My Imagined Shores 08:29
4.Extracted Nails 03:49
5.Intro - Mourning September 02:00
6.Impoverished Filth 06:49
7.Extracted Nails 03:18
8.Thou Messiah 08:26
9.Outro 01:55

Total playing time 01:55:44

Download Disc 1

Download Disc 2



Unknown said...

Thx for that! Do you know where to find Dusk - Mourning...Resurrect ?

Doomstermaniac said...

Hi Aljazek, I have Dusk - Mourning...Resurrect, tomorrow I will upload this compilation.